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FiberPlex Takes a Whack Out of Fiber Costs

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Security. Big data. Austerity. Fulfilling all three requirements for a large project can be like playing the business equivalent of Whack-a-Mole. If you manage to whack one mole, another one pops up. So while fiber optics communications clearly has the capacity for big data (100s of times that of copper cabling on the high end) and it’s absurdly secure – nothing gets into or leaks out of optical fiber – the question of cost keeps popping up.

You’ll be glad to know you can finally put away that mallet.

Overall fiber cost is now within a few percentage points of copper cabling due to new termination techniques and advancements like FiberPlex's

WDM-8 and WDM-16 active wave division multiplexers

, which can run 8 or 16 channels respectively at 3 Gbps per channel down an existing pair of single-mode fiber.


multiplexer technology has taken a huge whack out of optical implementation costs, and it has enabled organizations to extend the life and capacity of their existing network infrastructures. You simply add the capacity needed onto your existing optical fiber network, and at a rather low cost. No trenching for new fiber cable required. Plug-in


modules for FiberPlex's multiplexers or


offer bidirectional communication between existing multi-mode fiber networks and new single-mode fiber – or between fiber and Cat5/6 networks.

So, yes, you can keep optical fiber costs down. And, yes, definitely, fiber optic communications can fill in holes in security, capacity, and a lot of other so-called moles that pop up. FiberPlex ought to know. FiberPlex has a brand presence that goes back a quarter of a century as a leading global communications company, including an early leadership role in TEMPEST mitigation for the U.S. government.




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