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Fostex Introduces T60RP Audiophile Headphones at NAMM

New Headphones Offer an Exceptional Listening Experience, Beautiful Wooden Cups and Balanced Connection

The Fostex T60RP is the culmination of a long heritage of Fostex RP-technology headphones dating back to the mid 1970’s. The new T60RP has been modified and tuned especially for audiophile listening and features beautiful wooden cups and a balanced connection. 

Fostex’s proprietary RP diaphragms feature a  planar magnetic/orthodynamic design with wide frequency reproduction, superior transient characteristics, and high input tolerance for an exceptional listening experience.  The beautiful wooden housings, made of gorgeous matte-finished African mahogany, add depth and character to the sound of the RP diaphragm.  And for the pleasure of the wearer, the new T60RP features a genuine leather head pad and newly developed circumaural (around-the-ear) ear pads offering a great fit and superior comfort for fatigue-free long-term listening.

The T60RP’s newly-implemented, straight-type detachable connector conveniently fits standard unbalanced connections. And, for today’s world where balanced digital audio players and headphone amplifiers are more prevalent than ever, users can upgrade the T60RP with a variety of optional cables featuring different  balanced connectors.

The T60RP will be available in the United States starting in early February 2018, with a projected street price of $299.99.  For more information on pre-orders, please contact an authorized Fostex dealer.

See and hear these great new headphones at American Music and Sound’s Booth 11110, Hall A.

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