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AVoIP Case Study: Fullerton Police Department Association

Just Add Power MaxColor AV-Over-IP Solution Distributes 4K 12-Bit Video Over Cat 5/6 for a Cost-Effective, Future-Proof, and Impactful Visual Experience 

SEMINOLE, Fla. April 26, 2023 Just Add Power, a leader in AV-over-IP distribution, today announced its MaxColor™ 4K60 Series transmitter and receiver is installed in the new meeting and event space of the Fullerton Police Department Association (FPDA) in Fullerton, California. Installed by HB Integration, the MaxColor natively supports 4K60 in and out, supporting the association’s new 2×2 4K video wall.

“I was able to confidently tell the FPDA I had a perfect solution, because it’s something I’ve vetted myself,” said HB Integration’s Jason Gibson. “I have had Just Add Power in my own home since 3G and have been using the MaxColor models since their release. Their products are easy to install, they have great support, there’s no lag, and they are continuously evolving to add even more simplicity to the system.”

For FPDA, HB Integration design plans consisted of four Apple TV video sources. Through the Apple TVs, the organization would be able to access its Direct TV channels from the Direct TV app as well as music and other content with ease. In addition, anyone would be able to AirPlay content directly from their own device. With the focus on providing a high-quality viewing experience that would complement the Apple TV’s 4K content options and the 4K Sony displays that make up the video wall, the integrator selected the MaxColor™ 4K60 Series. The system infrastructure is supported by the GSM4212PX-100NAS 10-port stackable Gigabit Ethernet switch from NETGEAR, Ubiquiti UDM-SE router, and Ubiquiti U6 Mesh access point that’s inconspicuously mounted up on the wall. The video wall is controlled by a URC control system, which is fully compatible with the Just Add Power system.

MaxColor natively supports 4K60 in and out, allowing end-users to play 4K Ultra HD video from the growing number of 4K sources and devices, including Apple TV. With MaxColor, 4K 12-bit video can be distributed over Cat 5/Cat 6 cable, eliminating the expense of upgrading to fiber and buying more costly network switches. The series works with existing Just Add Power drivers and supported control systems. In addition, it supports MPEG downstreaming for connected devices, such as a laptop or a mobile device. The series features instant seamless switching, 4K up- and downscaling, all audio formats, seamless HDR management, and Dolby Vision for the best viewing experience. Additional features include image pop, push, and pull, as well as 90-degree image rotation for landscape and portrait modes.

“Our MaxColor Series was engineered to provide the 4K-video-over-IP distribution platform that installers and end-users have been clamoring for,” said Taft Stricklin, chief sales officer at Just Add Power. “The installation at FPDA is an excellent example of the proliferation and demand for 4K experiences beyond the living room. We’re proud to be the system of choice for HB Integration’s design and help them create a flexible and easy-to-use distribution system that will meet the association’s visual needs now and in the future.”

The company most recently announced MaxColor Series 2 solutions, which include all the features and benefits of the MaxColor Series 1 products along with KVM support, a fiber port connection, and audio return channel (ARC). With MaxColor Series 2, 4K60/4:4:4/36-bit color video can be distributed over a 1GB managed network using existing Cat X (Cat 5e minimum) cable, or over 10G fiber cable, so that integrators can use the cable that best fits their projects. It also boasts power over USB-C, supporting, for example, a USB web camera signal over IP. With the new ARC feature, installers can easily send audio from a TV connected to a MaxColor 2 receiver and across the network to another MaxColor 2 receiver — connected to an audio-video receiver or other ARC-enabled amplifier — making project design even easier and more flexible.

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About Just Add Power

Founded in 1992 by three employees of IBM who were happy to shed their dark suits and red ties, Just Add Power is dedicated to doing tech a little bit differently. Instead of being consigned to the dustbin by planned obsolescence, the company’s high-quality AV-over-IP distribution solutions increase in value over time. By offering new devices that are compatible with previous systems and providing free firmware updates when innovations break, Just Add Power respects the end users’ investment in their systems. This makes it easy for dealers to engage customers for years of system improvement, while the reliability of the video keeps them coming back for more. Just Add Power is committed to making systems easy to install and easy to use, with industry-renowned training sessions and technical support team giving installers all of the skills and information they need. Whether it’s an unlimited matrix of sources and screens, a video wall, or an architectural installation, our revolutionary design philosophy makes it simple to create an AV system that rocks.

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Caption: Fullerton Police Department Association Relies on Just Add Power MaxColor Series for 4K Video Wall

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