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Glensound Delivers World First For ESports With GTM At NAB Show 2022

The dedicated professional interface replaces three separate products to generate all the required mixes for gaming

Glensound GMT

Glensound today launches GTM, its unique interface for eSports audio. The world’s first dedicated professional interface for the eSports market, the system draws on Glensound’s heritage in supporting sports commentary, removing the need for three separate products to generate all the required mixes for gamers, coaches, referees, and commentators.

One of the fastest growing areas of live production, eSports has a unique set of audio requirements compared to traditional sports, usually with two separate categories of audio operating on either side of a “firewall.” At the heart of one side is the player, who needs to hear what is being said by teammates and coaches. On the other, the live audience and the shoutcasters. In a first-person game environment, players also need stereo sound for greater responsiveness, while white (or pink) noise is pumped in by sound engineers in off game periods. Isolating the different audio categories is a key challenge during gaming events and often involves the need for multiple systems. Enter GTM.

“We’ve seen the challenges that arise in managing audio for eSports first-hand and listened to feedback from our industry contacts,” commented Marc Wilson, Managing Director at Glensound. “We saw a demand for a dedicated product for eSports that simplifies what is a complex set of requirements and GTM was born. There is nothing else on the market that offers this unique combination of functions in a single interface.”

GTM provides a single device that combines multiple functions required to support interfacing and communication during an eSports tournament. A simple to use panel with three level mixes allows players to control their own audio mix quickly and easily, while headsets and headphones plug directly into the panel to deliver game audio, team comms and the player’s own voice. The device is fully remote controllable and configurable by tournament engineers. The system allows the game source audio to be picked up from multiple sources (SPDIF, USB, network, analogue etc.) depending on the tournament format, and supports multi-channel mixing pre-configurable inputs from Glensound’s Dante platform or de-embedded audio from an SDI connection.

GTM also delivers a pre-defined multichannel ‘team mix’ bringing together all the players and coaches required in a group, with a dedicated mix generated for each team in a tournament. Separate modes mean GTM can be used by referees/judges, shoutcasters in the arena and coaches to communicate as needed.

With GTM, tournament engineers have the option to combine traditional headphone settings and white/pink noise on a single headset, removing the need for additional headphones on top for off game periods. It is also possible to have game audio coming into the headset with white noise delivered via the headphone jack on the panel with mic gain adjusted remotely by tournament engineers.

Glensound has also made a stripped-down version of GTM available with no direct control panel available for players aimed at meeting the needs of different tournament formats.

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