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Goya Foods New Distribution Center Enjoys Clear Announcements

Jersey City, NJ – Goya Foods is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States. Goya’s new Northeast headquarters in New Jersey, which opened in late 2014, is part of a major company expansion program and totals nearly 900,000 square feet including office space and a 638,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center.

General contractor R.C. Anderson hired AVSI of Edison, New Jersey to design and install voice paging systems in the new facility. AVSI’s Mike Venditte says “the warehouse was especially challenging with its 50-foot ceilings and 3.5-second reverb time. Ambient noise was also an issue,” he continued, “we measured occasional peaks as high as 100 dBA from forklifts and trucks at twelve cargo bay doors.”

To overcome these challenges and achieve Goya’s goals of fully audible and highly intelligible voice paging, Venditte designed an audio system based on Community RMG-200AT voice-range horn systems. “Goya had experienced poor intelligibility using standard paging horns in a smaller warehouse,” explained Venditte, “so I knew we needed a better loudspeaker for this new distribution center.”

The system features 30 RMG-200AT loudspeakers arranged to cover the warehouse space while avoiding the many racks of merchandise. Lab Gruppen amplifiers provide power and a Biamp DSP with VOIP module enables paging from facility telephones or a paging microphone. A Gilderfluke tone generator provides alert tones and alarms which can be triggered by the facility security or life safety systems.

“The system easily met the owners’ expectations,” said Venditte. “We used very little system EQ yet announcements are highly intelligible and levels are well above the ambient noise.”

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