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Group One hires industry veteran and IP expert Tim Casey as Calrec Customer Support Technician in the US

Hebden Bridge, 5th May 2022 — Group One, professional audio and lighting distributor, has announced it has hired Tim Casey to join its growing team of Calrec Customer Support Technicians in the US. Casey is a skilled Technician with 30 years of audio experience and a rich history with Calrec.

In 1996, Casey began a long career as a Technical Sales Associate for Studio Consultants, Inc., which became the first US distributor for Calrec 25 years ago. Casey became a Technical Sales and Support Specialist and was relied upon to highlight Calrec technology’s features and benefits.

He commented, “I became the Calrec specialist at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996 and remained a Calrec specialist for 22 years. Realizing how significant IP was becoming in the professional audio industry, in 2017 I studied networking and cyber-security at the University of Miami.

“The audio industry, and Calrec in particular, has really advanced with IP-based products. COVID quarantine meant remote working became the norm, and Calrec’s ability to remotely support its IP-based products meant that I could use my new IP skills to help service Calrec’s growing customer base.”

Nick Hughes, Customer Support Manager at Calrec commented, “As IP deployments begin to dominate across broadcast audio it’s serendipitous that Tim is part of Calrec again. He has long been the go-to expert for high profile events like the Super Bowl and Olympics, and he has the keen ability to help our customers navigate their way through the IP audio world as they fully embrace the benefits of Calrec technology.”

Casey earned certification from the University of Miami’s Cybersecurity program, and has certifications in CompTIA Network+, Linux Essentials and Cisco Systems NetAcad.

He added, “I’m hugely grateful that Calrec has a need that uses both my experience and recent work, and I’m very much enjoying the challenges of new technology with a lot of my colleagues from the past.”

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