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Quakertown Community School District Relies on Hitachi Interactive Projectors to Provide Best Learning Environment for K-12 Students

Quakertown, Pa. – Joseph Kuzo, Director of Technology, has been with the Quakertown Community School District (QCSD) for eighteen years. As Director of Technology, Kuzo and his team oversee the entire technology department including classroom infrastructure, data systems, student information and planning, and budgeting for the district’s technology refresh cycle. Up until the 2018 school year, each school in the district was individually responsible for classroom AV equipment, but now that responsibility lies with Kuzo and his team and so they began standardizing all classrooms with Hitachi’s CP-TW3005 interactive projectors.

QCSD serves over 5,400 students across eight different facilities: one high school, one middle school, one building dedicated to sixth grade called the “6 Grade Center,” and five elementary schools. The high school recently completed a five-year renovation project, which included retrofitting classrooms with Hitachi’s CP-TW3005 interactive projectors.

“We started retrofitting the AV equipment across the elementary schools this year based on the success we had with the Hitachi interactive projectors in the high school renovation project,” says Kuzo. “There were three main areas that we evaluated when choosing a projector for the project, and in the end, Hitachi offered the best warranty, had the best price point and it helped us get away from the licensed smart notebook software we had been tied down to before. It’s now integrated across seven of our eight buildings and all of our teachers and students have had great success with them.”

Kuzo and his team will continue to upgrade next school year to ensure that every building in the district is integrated with the Hitachi interactive projectors.

QCSD recently became members of Hitachi’s new OneVision Kids Program that offers K-12 school districts specialized Hitachi promotions and pricing, direct access to Hitachi sales and service specialists, an extended lamp warranty and an extended 5-year projector warranty. While the projectors used in the upgrade aren’t part of OneVision Kids, Kuzo looks to the program as a way to help budget and plan for the future.

“Knowing that our future investments can be covered for five years, which is a long life for one of our projectors, helps us stay on track with the budget. We usually refresh after four years, but having that extra year on the warranty will give us peace-of-mind that should anything unexpected come up in the budget, we have the flexibility to push a refresh and still guarantee our teachers and students the best technology available.”

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