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Homeowner Doesn‘t Skip a Beat with Niles® Speakers Indoors and Outdoors

As a successful businessman, homeowner Gino LaVerghetta knows that using the most reliable, highest quality equipment can be the difference between an enjoyable experience and a frustrating one. That’s precisely why he chose Niles’A® legendary loudspeakers for his new home theater and outdoor audio system, which provide audiophile quality sound whether he’s watching his favorite film or entertaining guests in the backyard.

“I’ve been in several homes with indoor/outdoor distributed audio systems, and I was always amazed at the drop in sound quality when we went outside,” LaVerghetta said. “So I asked Dave Febbraio, owner of Stuctured Home Solutions, LLC, what I should do, and he said Niles’ new GS Garden Speakers were the perfect solution. He was right! If I turn the indoor and outdoor speakers on at the same time and then walk outside, it sounds like I’m just stepping into the next room, with music that has the same power, clarity and definition as indoors. I’m especially impressed with the in-ground subwoofer because it helps deliver the full soundscape of my favorite music without putting a big box in the yard.”

The pros at Structured Home Solutions, LLC built LaVerghetta’s jealousy-inducing home theater sound system with five Niles HD Series LCR in-wall speakers and a SunfireA® HRS8 subwoofer, then continued the audio excellence outdoors with four Niles Garden Series GS4 satellite loudspeakers and a Niles GSS10 in-ground 10-inch subwoofer. With all the speakers covered by Niles’ industry-leading lifetime limited warranty, LaVerghetta knows that his system will provide years of unparalleled sound both indoors and outdoors.

LaVerghetta’s home also features the ELANA® g! Entertainment and Control System to make the audio system simple and easy to control. The g! system allows the whole family to use their iPhones, iPads, Android mobile devices, ELAN in-wall touchscreens and eight ELAN HR2 remotes to control the home’s music, TVs, LutronA® lighting, AprilaireA® HVAC, JandyA® pool and spa controls, ELKA® security system and seven PanasonicA® PTZ IP surveillance cameras.

According to Febbraio, the project grew exponentially after Adams saw the quality of Stuctured Home Solutions’ work and recognized the value and potential of a professionally installed home control system.

“After working for Gino for a short time and seeing the quality of the house he was building, I knew he would not settle for anything less from my company or the equipment we installed,” Febbraio said. “I knew the Niles outdoor set would be a perfect fit for the large space we needed to cover and that he would be happy with the result. These speakers compliment the 46” Sunbrite TV we installed and comprise the 16th audio zone in the house all controlled by the g! system. Keeping quality consistent and exceeding the client’s expectations allowed us to expand this project from a simple four-zone audio system to the 16-zone AV control system with fully integrated home automation that it is today.”

When considering the control possibilities, LaVerghetta recognized that in the next five to 10 years most homes of comparable size will have automation systems and extensive AV systems, so he wanted his home to be ahead of the curve. “There are so many benefits of integrated home technologies, from energy conservation to enhanced security and peace of mind, and of course being able to control it all remotely. Whatever you invest in the system you absolutely get back through savings in energy, time and hassle. I love sitting down to dinner with my family and then using my iPhone to turn on some music without getting up from the table.

“The whole system has quickly become an integral part of our home. For instance, part of my nighttime routine is using the touchscreen in my bedroom to make sure that all the lights are off or dimmed, the alarm is set, the garage is closed and all the TVs and audio systems are off. And with the ability to dim and set timers for our lights, the kids never have to wander around in the dark to find the bathroom at night. The system offers so many conveniences that I’m still finding new ways to make my home easier to use every day.”

About NilesA®

California-based NilesA® is recognized as The First Name in Custom InstallationA®. Niles is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of audio/video custom installation products and accessories and is guided by its vision to be the world’s leading provider of products and services that enable professional custom installers to design and install systems that delight their customers. To that end, Niles pursues a mission to provide solutions for end users that enable simple and easy access to home entertainment and that integrate seamlessly with other low voltage subsystems like lighting, Internet, security and HVAC in residential and light commercial environments. Niles conducts its business with a promise to treat its customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders with fairness and respect and to foster teamwork, innovation and a commitment to be the best in everything it does. Additional information may be obtained by visiting

. Niles is part of the CORE Brands division of the Nortek Technology Solutions Segment (

). CORE Brands combines the product and marketing strengths of ten iconic audio, power management and control brands into a single business unit that includes ATONA®, BlueBOLTA®, ELANA®, FurmanA®, NilesA®, PanamaxA®, ProficientA®, SpeakerCraftA®, SunfireA® and XantechA®.

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