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Extron First ProAV Manufacturer to Pass Accreditations for New UL Standard

Anaheim, California (May 23, 2019) – Extron is pleased to be among a select group of professional Audio/Video companies to have passed the UL DAP – Data Acceptance Program accreditations for the new UL 62368-1 standard. The new standard covers a broad range of products. It applies to all Information Technology Equipment and Audio Video products rated fewer than 600 volts, as well as their components and subassemblies. Manufacturers under the DAP are encouraged to be trained and certified for the new standard. Extron has successfully completed all the necessary training and has passed the UL DAP audit for UL 62368-1. With the addition of the new standard, Extron compliance labs are now accredited for six standards under the UL’s DAP.

“Through close collaboration with UL, Extron has been able to ensure that it stays on the forefront of product safety regulation,” says Homi Ahmadi, Director of Compliance Engineering for Extron. “The introduction of the new UL 62368-1 standard (audio/video, information and communication technology equipment – Part 1: Safety requirements) is a major milestone in our industry since it is a Hazard-Based Safety Engineering, HBSE, standard rather than a traditional prescriptive standard, such as UL 60950-1 or UL 6500.”

Extron’s state-of-the-art compliance labs enable engineers and technicians to perform extensive product testing against a full range of international compliance codes and government standards. Their own internal standards of quality, combined with multiple accreditations for international standards, allow Extron to continually provide reliable products to customers worldwide. Extron employs a thorough, objective testing methodology, from planning to execution to analysis. Their in-house labs enable faster engineering cycles while ensuring the quality for which Extron is known.

For more information on Extron compliance testing, click here.

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