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HYPERVSN Launches the All New & Interactive HYPERVSN SmartV Digital Avatar

HYPERVSN Digital Avator

The future of interactive AV is here, with the release of HYPERVSN SmartV Digital Avatar, a brand-new solution which allows 2-way interaction with a digitally rendered human avatar. From Banking, Healthcare through to Edutainment and more, the HYPERVSN SmartV Digital Avatar is a solution which will totally revolutionise your physical customer experience.

The solution features a series of displays and a SmartV device; it’s easy to install and even more simple to create your very own branded content for a powerful user experience. Based on the HYPERVSN Holographic Human solution, which runs on pre-recorded content, Digital Avatar takes it a step further by allowing real-time conversations with your customers, thanks to interactive AI capabilities and the scalable ‘human touch.

Being available 24/7, this solution will entertain your clients and answer their questions day and night. You can showcase your brand’s creativity & innovation with this cutting-edge technology and endless content options. Starting with navigation guides for store visitors, POS attendants and hotel check-in assistants, the number of user-case options is infinite. And this solution can join your Internet of Things network, adding an endpoint for consumers.

“Giving a human face to your branded Chatbot or NLP platform encourages much greater customer engagement and an attractive 21st-century upgrade of your brand. You can expand the metaverse to physical space by having the person both in digital and on HYPERVSN. People want to talk & connect to people – our HYPERVSN Digital Avatar enables you to give them just that. ”Kiryl Chykeyuk – HYPERVSN Co-Founder

To arrange a demo with Digital Avatar, get in touch with HYPERVSN today at [email protected]. And experience Digital Avatar yourself at HYPERVSN stands at IAAPA 2022, CES 2023, ISE 2023, NRF 2023, Euroshop 2023 and Infocomm 2023.


About HYPERVSN: HYPERVSN is the award-winning British company responsible for developing the disruptive Integrated 3D Holographic Display Platform that provides an immersive experience for viewers.

Since its official release in 2017, HYPERVSN has been named among the 10 best technologies by Yahoo!, USA Today & Inc Magazine. Backed by Mark Cuban and Richard Branson, it has been used by over 25% of Fortune 500 companies in 90+ countries.

The proprietary HYPERVSN hardware works in conjunction with the Software Suite to provide customers with an integrated business solution. HYPERVSN holographic solutions are perfect for digital signage campaigns, holographic display billboards, digital out-of-home media, activation events, corporate reception areas and 3D point-of-sale displays. Learn more at

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