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Cyber Security Training Center Equipped with Tecom AV Technological Solutions

A senior training center in the field of cyber security, communications, and virtualization, which coordinates high-tech courses and works in collaboration with colleges and universities– selected the hybrid and technological AV solutions of Tecom Electronics.

TecPodium WorkStations Installed in the new Cyber Secutiry Hybrid Classrooms

Tecom provided Hybrid instructional classrooms include teachers TecPodium WorkStations, PTZ robotic cameras, sensitive microphones, sound equipment, LED screens and advanced control and monitoring systems.

Students and lecturers enjoy a unique and optimal learning experience. The new learning environment allows for a realistic experience that simulates the real “terrain” in the high-tech world.

Tecom AV Equipment – Easy to use, “Turn Key” AV solution for classrooms

The lecturers and students report on zero glitches and an excellent, professional and efficient user experience with easy-to-use equipment in the advanced hybrid classrooms.

Tecom Electronics specializes in making complex technological AV equipment accessible, and upgrading classrooms with simple, easy to use and operate systems.

TecPodium WorkStation – great solution for “Hybrid Classrooms”

The advantages of using Tecom solutions in teaching centers include:
• TecPodium Smart lecterns control the AV equipment, simple to use and reliable
• Capture of classes, training and professional discussions
• Option to live broadcast and stream
• High-quality and advanced equipment which is simple to use, highly reliable, flexible and customized.

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