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Nine Reasons Your Broadcast Education Program Needs a Great Console

Broadcast Education

How your broadcast educational program will benefit from Calrec

Across the globe, schools and colleges are looking to train the next generation of broadcast engineers, and are finding that it entails more than just concepts and theory. Successful courses provide a well-rounded broadcast education that prepares students with technical training and hands-on skills to help them confidently enter the workforce.

Calrec Audio’s Brio range has become the go-to console solution in this space for various reasons, including its small form-factor, power and cost-effectiveness; and the sheer quality of the Calrec sound. Though other Calrec consoles have been deployed at colleges and universities, Brio is ideally positioned in terms of size and budget to provide students with hands-on experience using industry-standard tools.

Here’s why the Calrec Brio has the edge:

  1. It’s good for the school and for the program
    Brio provides broadcast students with hands-on experience using high-caliber, industry-standard tools. This gives them a head-start over peers from competing schools. And, it gives the school an edge for recruiting students looking at broadcast audio as a career.
  2. Can be used for professional broadcasts
    Extra revenue can be generated for the school by offering the studio as a rent-able resource to professional production companies. Having industry-leading equipment elevates the facility in the eyes of broadcasters.
  3. Calrec is widely recognized as a global leader
    The obvious choice as industry leaders in the field, Brio is the “little brother” of Calrec’s world-leading broadcast consoles. Calrec is found in many facilities around the globe, so, after graduation, students will encounter them frequently.
  4. More faders than any other comparable audio console
    Brio is compact in size but doesn’t compromise on functionality or features. Brio is available with a 36- or 12-fader dual-layer surface and takes up less that 1m². This allows it to fit into even the most space-restrictive broadcast education facilities.
  5. Intuitive, powerful, and fully featured
    Even though it is small, Brio is a very powerful broadcast tool that is easy to use. It teaches students how digital consoles deal with signals, routing and networks. And, they’ll gain knowledge that is directly transferable to the larger consoles they’ll encounter in their professional careers.
  6. Professional level quality of the sound
    Brio has the same DSP at its heart as any other console in Calrec’s highly successful Bluefin2 range. This means its sound quality is identical to that of its “bigger siblings” used on the world’s highest profile televised events.
  7. Affordablility
    Brio’s budget-friendly price-point gives it an edge over the competition. In fact, there isn’t another fully-featured broadcast desk in its class that compares. That’s perfect for broadcast education programs on a fixed budget.
  8. With Calrec, you get form, function and finesse
    While some broadcast consoles focus on functionality at the expense of sonic quality, Calrec has always prioritized both. That’s because the company’s highly successful Bluefin technology provides its smallest consoles with sound quality equally as stunning as its large-format solutions. The consoles have the clearest possible surface, with impressive EQs and compressors, huge dynamic range and clear/transparent mic pres.
  9. Native IP
    Consoles are integral components on wider networks, with adaptable workflows and shareable resources using open standards and established networking technology. Calrec has a range of COTS- and SMPTE 2110/AES67-compatible products to help transition to an IP environment with extra control levels for audio labels and control data.Wherever a College/University is on its Broadcast Program journey, Calrec’s IP-based solutions can help you get there.

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