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TecPodium Smart Lecterns combined with Lecture Capture Systems

Tecom Electronics completed an upgrade in a College that chose to equip its’ classrooms and lecture halls with Tecom’s Audio Video solutions.
Tecom provided and installed in the lecture halls smart AV TecPodium I lecterns, a compact, smart and high-quality lecterns with USB connections and a laptop connectivity, which controls on all multimedia and AV equipment in the classrooms, simple to use and efficient.

TecPodium I Smart Lectern installed in the School classrooms

Tecom’s TecPodium lecterns easily integrates with lecture capture systems for smooth presentations and distance learning classrooms- all for the benefit and convenience of the faculty and students.

Now, teachers can deliver their lessons and lectures without any glitches and complications alongside high visibility.

Tecom is a leading manufacturer of cost-effective classroom podiums and AV lecterns.
Our TecPodiums have been installed worldwide in some of the best schools and universities, corporate, military, civic training centers and more.


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