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Interactive LED Sculpture in Lobby of Major Houston-Based Company

HOUSTON, TX―Marathon Oil, an independent exploration and production company in the energy sector, commissioned a dynamic digital showpiece for the lobby of its new headquarters in Houston, Texas. Owner-representative Sensory Interactive crafted the interactive digital media sculpture, which is built with LED technology from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ Interior display series.

The two flag-like LED displays of the digital sculpture employ a tight 1.25 mm pixel pitch, allowing for optimal viewing at very close proximity. Despite totaling only 40 square feet of display canvas, the pixel density is such that the pair of quadrilateral screens are packed with 2.4 million pixels.

According to Sensory Interactive, the digital display blends art and advanced motion capture technology that responds to visitors as they move through the space. The art piece, whose form draws inspiration from crystal shapes found in geology, passively relays foot traffic data, allowing screen content to adjust dynamically. However, users can also actively interact with the piece through gesture tracking to explore Marathon Oil’s history, learn about staff, and view a changing catalogue of content types such as branded content, ambient/artistic content, and community content.

Custom fabricator CRĒO Industrial Arts designed and built the sculpture according to Sensory Interactive’s design concept.

The geode-inspired structure is clad in non-reflective aluminum with a marble stone veneer and was built to appear as a monolith, a single unit with no apparent joints. Furthermore, the lattice-like frame appears different to viewers when observed from various angles. For example, the screens appear to be on the same spot along the z-axis when viewed straight on, but moving to the side reveals that they are offset. The forced perspective change encourages visitors to contemplate the piece from various vantage points.

“Motion sensing and data driven visualization features were integrated into a suite of services, so that the sculpture could react to ambient foot traffic in such a grand space,” said Andrew Yee, senior associate of project management for Sensory Interactive. “In order to get the optimum results for the client, we used highly customized control systems that aren’t typical in corporate spaces.”

Digital signage software development company Sedna provided media management devices used to control interactivity elements of the sculpture.

The lobby installation is part of a growing trend in corporate spaces and the arts, highlighting the appeal of physical sculptures with a digital visual element.

“More and more, we’re finding that prospective clients are implementing designs that incorporate LED technology and include brilliant visuals, real-time data, or interactivity; sometimes, all of the above,” said Jason Helton, executive vice president for SNA Displays. “Particularly with digital sculptures, customers are finding lots of value in being able to entertain and even inspire visitors with technology that fits within their existing design or branding.”

For more information, visit SNA Displays’ portfolio page for the Marathon Oil digital sculpture.

About SNA Displays

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About Sensory Interactive

Sensory Interactive is the industry leader in Dynamic Real Estate® – the integration of technology and real estate to improve guest experiences and deliver untapped value for owners, developers, and investors. By shepherding world-class private and public organizations through vision, development, installation, and monetization, we ensure our client’s properties drive engagement and long-term results. Our award-winning team includes experienced architects, media planners, technologists, growth managers, designers, and project managers. Sensory Interactive has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Dallas, New York, and Washington, DC.

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About Marathon Oil

Marathon Oil Corporation is an independent exploration and production (E&P) company focused on four of the most competitive resource plays in the U.S., complemented by a world-class integrated gas business in Equatorial Guinea. We became an independent E&P company on July 1, 2011 and we are based in Houston, TX.

We know our stakeholders are particularly attuned to environmental, social and governance issues, often referred to as “ESG.” Because of this, we’ve prioritized and improved how we communicate our sustainability work through our annual sustainability report which showcases our efforts to achieve safe, responsible and ethical operations. Learn more at

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CRĒO is a custom fabricator that has been producing premium, high-end architectural products for over 30 years. We execute the visions of the world’s finest architects, experiential graphics designers, landscape architects, and exhibit designers, producing extremely high fit and finish custom products for a wide variety of venues. Learn more at

About Sedna

Sedna is a Berlin-based software and hardware development team that creates state-of-the-art digital signage solutions to manage media content. For more information on Sedna’s digital signage and media playout products and installation expertise, visit

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