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Interior Designer To The Stars Discovers The Beauty of Sound That Is “Heard But Not Seen” With the Niles Intellicontrol ICS System

For Neal Wagner, co-owner of the Hollywood, Los Angeles interior design retail store MOGUL, visual appeal is everything. From his personal paintings hanging in the homes of major celebrities to the highly dramatic and sexy look of the MOGUL store interior, everything in his life must measure up to his exacting standard of aesthetic beauty. That’s why when he was looking for a hi-tech, hi-fidelity music system for his new home, he found the NilesA® IntelliControlA® ICS System was the perfect merger of form and function, giving him an audiophile quality music experience that is heard, but not seen.

According to Wagner, “I’m the complete opposite of a techie, so I never really got excited about technology—until I used the Niles ICS System for my home audio. I own a retail interior design store and have designed homes for some of the world’s biggest celebrities, so when it comes to my home, I wanted a premium quality audio system that blends right into the background—a clunky obtrusive stereo system just wasn’t an option. With the ICS System the stereo equipment is located in a separate room, so all we see are the fantastic Niles Contact color touch screens on the wall. And the best part from a design standpoint is the Niles CM Architectural speakers are flush-mounted in the ceiling so we were able to paint right over them, and now they are nearly invisible.”

By integrating all of his music sources, including PandoraA® Internet Radio, his iPod, PC, CD player and DirecTVA® music channels, which can be played through 37 speakers in 12 distinct audio zones, the ICS System has given Wagner reigning dominion over his entire home’s musical atmosphere.

“My friends and I can’t believe everything it can do, and how easy it is to use the touch screens or the Niles iRemoteA® to pick and choose from all of our music on the computer, Pandora, my iPod or the DirecTV music stations,” Wagner continued. “When we host parties or fundraisers it’s really important for us to have good music playing through high-quality speakers, and the Niles ICS System makes it simple so we don’t have to worry about it. All of the Niles rock speakers and other Niles outdoor speakers give us amazing sound quality while outdoors, and we can even play different music sources in different rooms or outside!”

According to Niles President Mike Detmer, “Niles is the leader in designing and engineering architectural audio systems and speakers. The Niles ICS System blends in with any home décor and provides audiophile sonic performance that is controlled through elegant touch panels and centralized equipment. Niles CM Architectural Loudspeakers become ingrained in the home’s architecture, with magnetically attached grilles that can be completely painted over to match the color or any wall or ceiling. Our systems and speakers allow homeowners to experience music like never before without affecting their design aesthetic for the room and the home.”

Utilizing two Niles GXR2s to play up to six simultaneous music sources in 12 separate zones of audio throughout the home, including five distinct outdoor zones, there isn’t a single spot in the house out of range of hi-fidelity music. The attractive Niles Contact touch panels were a natural choice for the designer, as were the nearly invisible, fully paintable Niles CM Ceiling Mount Architectural Loudspeakers throughout the home. The hi-fidelity ambience is maintained outdoors by three pairs of mounted box speakers and four pairs of cleverly hidden rock speakers, providing an amazing outdoor musical experience. With a Niles iRemote providing quick, easy control for outdoor music selection, the owner is never more than a click away from his favorite song or station.

The systems integrator, Moni of Moni Inc., said, “The best thing about the Niles ICS System is that it’s dead simple for the user to control and get to their favorite music quickly. And as an integrator, there’s an amazing level of comfort knowing that the components are extremely reliable and can be upgraded in the future as new music sources arise, such as the Internet sources becoming available today. I’ve been installing Niles systems for 20 years, and the very first system I installed is still working with no problems! When I install a system and turn it on, 99.9 percent of the time it works on the first try with no issues, and that makes my job easier and keeps my clients very happy.”

The Niles IntelliControl ICS System is a unique whole-house audio/video distribution system that incorporates high definition video, iPods, Sirius|XMA® Satellite Radio, PandoraA® Internet Radio, RhapsodyA®, am/fm radio, HD Radio, TV, CD and DVD sources. Users can access their personal music libraries and terrestrial, satellite and Internet radio sources through intuitive, easy-to-use in-wall touchscreens and touchpads, handheld remotes and tabletop touch screens that provide full source, song, station and playlist information.

The heart of the IntelliControl ICS System is the GXR2 Modular MultiZone Receiver, an innovative receiver that uses interchangeable input modules to accommodate any input sources and support up to 30 distinct zones of audio. Listeners can experience the multitude of audio sources through Niles’ award-winning ICS Rear Wave Control Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers, which are backed by a lifetime guarantee, or the ICS Classic Series Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers, which are water-resistant and ideal for covered outdoor installations.

About NilesA®:

California-based NilesA® is a 33-year-old brand recognized as The First Name in Custom InstallationA®. Niles is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of audio/video custom installation products and accessories and is guided by its vision to be the world’s leading provider of products and services that enable professional custom installers to design and install systems that delight their customers. To that end, Niles pursues a mission to provide solutions for end users that enable simple and easy access to home entertainment and that integrate seamlessly with other low voltage subsystems like lighting, Internet, security and HVAC in residential and light commercial environments. Niles conducts its business with a promise to treat its customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders with fairness and respect and to foster teamwork, innovation and a commitment to be the best in everything it does. Additional information may be obtained by visiting


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