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Interra Systems to Showcase Content QC and Monitoring Solutions for Surging Asia-Pacific Streaming Market at BroadcastAsia 2022

Interra Systems
BroadcastAsia 2022 Exhibitor Preview
June 8-10
Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore
Stand: 5G1-10

The Asia-Pacific streaming market is poised for dramatic growth, with an increase of 65 million IPTV subscribers expected between 2021 and 2027. OTT TV and movie revenues are anticipated to increase by 62% during this same period, while SVOD and AVOD revenues will grow by $10 billion and $8 billion, respectively.

To help OTT service providers, content producers, and aggregators in the Asia-Pacific region ensure the highest-quality content for viewers, Interra Systems will showcase its innovative, award-winning QC and monitoring solutions at BroadcastAsia 2022. Interra Systems’ solutions cover the entire gamut of content preparation and delivery, from audio/video quality checks to 24/7 monitoring, captions, lip sync, and deep-dive analysis. With Interra Systems’ QC and monitoring solutions, media companies can address the industry’s most pressing needs, not just in terms of audio/video quality but also in the creation and management of metadata, cloud and hybrid deployment, and tools to automate media processing and verification.

“Several factors are driving rapid growth in the Asia-Pacific streaming market. In particular, we are seeing many U.S.-based streaming companies expand their footprint in the region to capture a wider audience base,” said Deepanshu Rustagi, senior business development manager for APAC at Interra Systems. “Given the surge in both viewers and content consumption across APAC, it’s imperative that media companies have the tools to deliver high-quality content and meet increasingly complex delivery standards. We are thrilled to be exhibiting at BroadcastAsia 2022 and look forward to demonstrating how our entire suite of automated QC and monitoring products are empowering media companies.”

ORION Content Monitoring Suite for OTT and Linear/IP Video Ensures Better QoS/QoE
Interra Systems’ ORION-OTT is a comprehensive monitoring solution for live and VOD streaming. The solution is deployable in the cloud or on-premises. Recent enhancements to ORION-OTT include ad-insertion monitoring, Dolby Vision and HDR support, visual trending for QoS and QoE metrics, CPIX-based DRM integrations, and new audio/video quality checks.

In addition to ORION-OTT, Interra Systems will demo its ORION solution for real-time monitoring of linear channels in an IP-based delivery infrastructure. New features include support for monitoring of contribution stream formats (SRT/RIST), enhanced video dropout detection, and a wider range of audio quality checks (i.e., audio jitter, true peak levels, audio clipping, and stereo pair absence).

New ORION 2110 Probe Simplifies IP Monitoring
Part of the ORION product suite, ORION 2110 supports the SMPTE ST 2110 standard, providing Asia-Pacific broadcasters with a future-proof, end-to-end monitoring solution for assuring exceptional video quality in an IP distribution environment. Key product features include redundancy and NMOS integration, monitoring of IP-related parameters such as jitter and packet loss, scrambling control checks, DAI custom checks for ad-insertion monitoring, support for monitoring SCTE-104 ad signaling, and exportable reports and video thumbnails.

OCM (ORION Central Manager) for End-to-End Video Visibility
OCM provides enterprise-wide visibility of video by enabling central management of multiple ORION linear and ORION-OTT setups present at the same or diverse geographic locations. By providing a consolidated, single-screen view of both linear and OTT workflows, OCM makes error detection and isolation faster and more efficient. OCM’s new features include smart tools and exportable reports for channel performance and alert trending; scheduled tasks to export reports; the capability to add comments, root cause, and resolution to alerts and to define maintenance downtimes to ignore unnecessary alerts; REST APIs to assure seamless third-party system integration; quality reports with daily and monthly channel availability; as well as outage analytics.

BATON — Optimizing QC Workflows
As the media industry’s leading ML- and AI-enabled automated QC platform, BATON addresses the most rigorous QC standards for quality and compliance. Recent updates to the BATON platform include major 4K and MJPEG enhancements, new audio/video quality checks for complex content, OAR watermark and enhanced Cinavia watermark checks, IMF Application 2 Extended, PSE for HDR, enhanced foreign language support in the BATON UI, and support for Dolby Atmos, FLAC audio, and more. In addition, Interra Systems’ BATON Media Player offers improvements in loading and playback performance of 4K content.

BATON Captions and BATON LipSync for Superior Audio Quality
Interra Systems’ QC suite of products includes AI/ML-based tools such as BATON Captions and BATON LipSync to replace time-consuming and expensive manual processes with faster, more accurate machine-assisted solutions.

  • BATON Captions is an automated solution for all captioning-related needs, allowing broadcasters and media professionals to address requirements from caption generation to QC, auto-corrections, reviewing, and editing for the global distribution of media. At BroadcastAsia 2022, Interra Systems will demonstrate BATON Captions with new support for next-gen format-specific checks, subtitling, stand-alone subtitle files for QC, recaptioning, exporting captions in MCC (MacCaption Closed Caption) format, and adding tags for tasks. BATON Captions features cutting-edge machine learning and automatic speech recognition technology.
  • BATON LipSync leverages image processing and deep neural networks to detect audio and video sync-related errors. Capable of performing facial detection, facial tracking, lip detection, lip activity detection, and speech identification, BATON LipSync provides a comprehensive report of all lip sync issues. Using BATON LipSync, available content can be checked in any language, independent of the region and area. The solution also supports the majority of industry formats and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing content processing workflow or used as a stand-alone application.

VEGA Media Analyzer (VMA) — Powerful Analysis for Next-Gen Media Workflows
Interra Systems’ VEGA Media Analyzer (VMA) is an industry-leading analysis platform for standards compliance, debugging, and interoperability of encoded streams. VMA supports new standards such as Dolby Vision, Apple ProRes, VVC, HEIF, over and above AV1, HEVC, H.264, MMT, HLS, MXF, VP9, VP8, MPEG-2, MPEG-DASH, JPEG-2K, ISM, and PCAP.

A new addition to the VMA platform – VEGA Vista – enables media companies to receive or deliver video using the MPEG-2 transport stream format. The innovative analyzer can be part of automated workflows and offers granular-level customization of parameters and checks. Comprehensive reports provide deep visibility into MPEG-2 TS streams and help with root-cause analysis for a few errors that can cause transmission or audio/video quality problems.

Company Overview:

Interra Systems is a global provider of enterprise-class solutions that streamline the classification, quality control (QC) process, and monitoring of media content across the entire creation and distribution chain. Relying on Interra Systems’ comprehensive video insights, media businesses can deliver video with a high-quality experience, address new market trends, and improve monetization.

Widely adopted by broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, IPTV, OTT, and post-production markets around the world, Interra Systems’ products enable better quality video, reduced exposure to regulatory issues, and higher customer satisfaction. Featuring AI- and machine learning-enabled algorithms, along with a flexible, software-defined architecture, Interra Systems’ solutions support a variety of deployment scenarios – including the cloud – for higher performance, scalability, and efficiency.

The company’s industry-leading solutions include BATON, an enterprise-class automated file-based QC system that ensures high-quality content at every stage: BATON Captions for efficient video captions creation and distribution; BATON LipSync for automated audio-video sync detection; ORION-OTT for quality assurance of ABR streams, allowing flawless delivery of live and VOD content; ORION for 24/7 confidence monitoring of linear/live video delivery; ORION 2110 Probe for IP-based media workflows; WINNOW for content classification and compliance; VEGA for in-depth media analysis, offering content debugging and compliance; and BMP, a powerful industry-grade media player.

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Interra Systems’ ORION-OTT is a comprehensive monitoring solution for live and VOD streaming.
Interra Systems’ new ORION 2110 Probe supports SMPTE ST 2110, simplifying IP monitoring.
Interra Systems’ ORION Central Manager provides unprecedented visibility and proactive monitoring.
Interra Systems’ BATON Automated, File-Based Quality Control Solution
Interra Systems’ BATON Captions offers new support for next-gen format-specific checks, subtitling, stand-alone subtitle files for QC, recaptioning, exporting captions in MCC (MacCaption Closed Caption) format, and adding tags for tasks.
Interra Systems’ new VEGA Vista enables media companies to receive or deliver video using the MPEG-2 transport stream format.

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