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iPoint Launches SchedulePro Calendar

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. — Aug. 31, 2017 —

iPoint LLC, a full-service business management software provider serving the home technology market, today announced the launch of its SchedulePro calendar in the award-winning iPoint Control software platform. The easy-to-manipulate, shared calendar functionality enables iPoint community members to manage scheduling proactively, from anywhere, and automatically communicates changes in real time.

“In the AV world, everything we say to a customer or potential customer is a promise. Not living up to those expectations is the fastest way to ruin a relationship and lose future jobs,” said Brian Good, vice president of sales and marketing at iPoint. “Because our industry is so complicated, with has so many moving parts, it is imperative to put a process in place that allows maximum flexibility to duck, swerve, and pivot in real time. SchedulePro allows integrators to tackle these scenarios by being proactive instead of reactive — identifying problem areas and creating solutions before that promise is broken.”

With the iPoint SchedulePro calendar integration, team members and business owners have much more scheduling and employee management flexibility and efficiency. It allows users to assign public and private statuses to appointments; set up and customize the calendar view; see appointments based on filters of time, groups, and job; see at-a-glance status of installations as indicated by specific color codes; and drag and drop appointments from one technician to another technician for quick reassignment and rescheduling. The integration between iPoint Control’s billing platform and SchedulePro not only allows businesses to schedule and create work orders directly from the calendar, but also sends automated notifications to the parties involved. With appropriate permissions, anyone in the company can adjust the calendar directly from their phone using Google or iCal and those changes feed right back into iPoint.

More information about iPoint and the iPoint Control platform is available at


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About iPoint

iPoint LLC is a premier business consulting and software engineering firm offering full-service business management software and true live, one-on-one support for the home technology market. At the heart of the company’s solutions is the iPoint Control platform, which streamlines business operations and provides a central point of communication and documentation for integration enterprise. Accessible anywhere, anytime, and from any device, the iPoint platform combines CRM, proposal, sales orders, invoicing, purchasing, inventory control, project management, scheduling, work orders, parts and time tracking, time clock, task collaboration, and mileage tracking in a single program — eliminating the need for multiple programs to handle these tasks individually and automating the business administration workflow. The result is an intelligent ecosystem that saves time and money. The iPoint platform is available for Mac(R), Windows(R), and iOS. Headquartered in Marco Island, Florida, the company works to deliver unparalleled business support and digital solutions through cutting-edge technology advancements. More information is available at


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