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iPoint Unveils New Commissioning Features

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. — Aug. 24, 2017 —

iPoint LLC, a full-service business management software provider serving the home technology market, today announced enhanced commissioning abilities to its award-winning platform, iPoint Control. The new feature set enables iPoint community members to tier commissions according to sales margin as well as automate the accounting process of calculating commissions, reducing stress on payroll.

“Motivating a sales team to excel while protecting the business’ profit margin is a constant struggle for many A/V pros. iPoint Control is designed to reduce business management chaos while increasing profitability,” said Brian Good, vice president of sales and marketing at iPoint. “Managing commissions in this manner motivates salespeople to market higher margin items, include comprehensive customer solutions, and drives the type of growth needed to gain market share. All of this is accomplished while protecting the bottom line of the company.”

The new commissioning feature provides the flexibility for iPoint community members to pay tiered commission. Team members earn commissions based on predetermined levels achieved in either dollar amounts, percentage of margin, percentage of profit, or a flat profit amount. The update allows business owners and team managers to pay higher commission for more profitable sales and incentivize employees based on their performance. iPoint will also automatically calculate commissions, eliminating the many hours community members spend on the task every commission cycle.

In addition to creating a standardized schedule for equipment sales, iPoint provides the ability to calculate commissions on labor hours, adjust the commission schedule for individuals or special deals, track SPIF’s, exclude items from this calculation, make adjustments based on payments by the customer, track commissions already paid, and reduce commissions because of giveaways.

More information about iPoint and the iPoint Control platform is available at


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About iPoint

iPoint LLC is a premier business consulting and software engineering firm offering full-service business management software and true live, one-on-one support for the home technology market. At the heart of the company’s solutions is the iPoint Control platform, which streamlines business operations and provides a central point of communication and documentation for integration enterprise. Accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device, the iPoint platform combines CRM, proposal, sales orders, invoicing, purchasing, inventory control, project management, scheduling, work orders, parts and time tracking, time clock, task collaboration and mileage tracking in a single program — eliminating the need for multiple programs to handle these tasks individually and automating the business administration workflow. The result is an intelligent ecosystem that saves time and money. The iPoint platform is available for Mac®, Windows®, and iOS. Headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, the company works to deliver unparalleled business support and digital solutions through cutting-edge technology advancements. More information is available at


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