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ISTE 2016 Preview: Exciting New Ed Tech Solutions at Booth 1141

ISTE will be here before you know it. Here's a sneak peek of the new & exciting solutions Black Box will be showcasing. All of our smart IT solutions are designed to move classrooms into the future.

ISTE, the premier Ed Tech conference and expo, with 16,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors, will be here before you know it. We thought we would give you a sneak preview of the new and exciting solutions Black Box will be showcasing. All of our smart IT solutions are designed to move classrooms into the future.

Mobile-Device Management

Black Box’s award-winning Charging and Storage Carts for iPad® tablets and Chromebook™ laptops will be on display. Black Box offers the Ed Tech community one of the most affordable solutions for mobile-device management, with carts that start at $799.

New options on display include the Intelligent Charging System, which reduces energy costs and device charge time. The new Basket Distribution System provides portable, convenient and quick device management and distribution.

For the upcoming school year, Black Box offers the industry’s largest selection of in-stock carts at the most competitive prices. All are ready to ship and include free shipping

Learn more about the carts. Watch these demo videos.

Black Box offers other resources for storage-device rollouts, including tips, guides, white papers, and an online selector.

Need fast delivery? Check out this success story on how we delivered 1,300 carts over the summer to the 18th largest school district in the country.

Classroom Collaboration Solutions

Black Box continues to expand its digital classroom portfolio with the following Ed Tech solutions.

Coalesce™ Wireless Collaboration System

Encourage involvement and idea sharing with Coalesce™ Wireless Collaboration System. It enables an unlimited number of students to share an unlimited number of ideas from any device—wirelessly and simultaneously. It’s easy to set up and even easier to use. With touchscreen simplicity and simultaneous wired and wireless connectivity, you’ll be able to share ideas without barriers. Bring your own device and try it at the Black Box booth: 1141.

Best-in-Classroom Presentation Switchers

Easily connect, extend, and switch any wired video device to any classroom or auditorium display with Black Box Presentation Switchers. These all-in-one switchers/scalers support resolutions up to 4K (UHD), upscale/downscale video to match the display resolution, and support all standard video formats, including DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and VGA.

Classroom/Auditorium Room Control Solutions

ControlBridge gives you one touch control of classroom and auditorium AV and room equipment. With a touch of a button, lower a project screen, dim the lights, and close the window shades. Stop by the booth at ISTE and see how easy it is to use.

Try Black Box Solutions at ISTE

To save time, schedule an appointment at ISTE with one of our technical experts. Call 1-877-877-2269 (BBOX) or set up a demo.

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