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JBL Tour Audio Software Suite updates released

JBL Professional has released a series of updates for its JBL Tour Audio Software Suite

Northridge, CA (June 11, 2021)—JBL Professional has released a series of updates for its JBL Tour Audio Software Suite, adding new features and addressing bugs as well. The update includes Performance Manager v2.8.0; ArrayLink v1.4.0 for Android and iOS; and LAC v3.6.0.

New features in Performance Manager 2.8.0 include added preset support for AE Compact speakers; updated speaker presets for VTX S25 with the aim to provide improved reliability; and general improvements and bug fixes.

The AE Compact Series models have been added to Performance Manager, and the new speaker presets were developed for all models to match the sonic and phase signature of VTX products. Meanwhile, the new presets developed for the VTX S25 dual 15-inch subwoofer address “a rare problem,” says JBL, where under specific conditions, woofer damage could occur. The new presets include optimized LevelMax parameters to ensure safe operation under any conditions, and the sound characteristics of the product, including MAX SPL, remain unchanged.

The new features for ArrayLink v.1.4.0 include compatibility support for LAC-3.6.0; an added new “Light Mode” UI theme for better visibility in daylight; support for Ground-Stacked Configurations (this requires LAC-3.6.0 or higher); the addition of a Cable Weight field to the Array Statistics page; and general improvements and bug fixes.

Users who download the updated Line Array Calculator III v3.6.0 will find a number of added features, including a new SPL Over Distance Graph in Mapping mode; Added Electronic Delay Steering for Suspended Subwoofer Arrays; the ability for LAC-3 to generate QR codes for Ground-Stacked Arrays; improved center-of-gravity calculations based on selected cable weight; and more.

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