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Jeremy Krull Adds Prism Sound Conversion To His Studio Set Up

The Los Angeles-based musician and producer has invested in a Titan Audio Interface with an MDIO-HDX Expansion Module

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, mastering and mixing engineer Jeremy Krull has invested in a Prism Sound Titan audio interface for his own studio in Los Angeles because he wanted a high quality audio conversion system that would carry him forward into the future.

“I always said that my next major studio system, when I had to build it, would have a major tier-shift in conversion quality,” Krull explains. “Naturally the first thing that came to mind was Prism Sound and by the time I was ready to go, the options offered by the company had greatly expanded. It is now possible to have cutting edge Prism Sound conversion in a 1U package, with 8 I/O and an MDIO-HDX card for interfacing with my Pro Tools® system, which this time around is an HDX.”

Krull adds that having wanted to own a Prism Sound converter for years, he now feels incredibly fortunate to finally have achieved his ambition. “I also feel I’m at a point where I can really appreciate what it will allow me to do sonically and creatively,” he says. “I’m really happy to finally be part of the Prism Sound Family.”

As a musician, Jeremy Krull plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards and has released three solo albums, including (de)Tested, which featured guest appearances from Chris Brooks, Chris Feener, and Terry Syrek. He has also shared a stage with many musicians including Guthrie Govan, Glen Sobel, Ed Roth and Danny Carey. Krull’s pro audio career has seen him work at various facilities over the years including Bennett Studios, Quad Recording Studios and BiCoastal Music. He has produced and mixed tracks for labels such as Magna Carta, Century Media, Nuclear Blast and Urban Yeti and now provides a full range of audio production services through his own company, Strategic Sonics.

Krull’s decision to incorporate a Prism Sound Titan interface into his Pro Tools®-based recording set up has already proved positive as he finds the unit incredibly easy to use and he is delighted with the sound quality.

“I’ve always been a fan of having separate control software for my digital hardware because I came up working on large format desks and I like having a button and/or knob for every single function, nothing hidden,” he says. “The front panel of the new generation of Prism Sound hardware is very sleek and stealthy, but the software allows you to very elegantly govern all of the internal functions of the unit. It’s great – you basically don’t have to touch the front panel once the control software is running and it sounds absolutely out of this world…there’s no other way to describe it.”

Krull adds that although he is now using the latest version of Pro Tools®, his workflow hasn’t changed much since he built his last system in 2008.

“I use Pro Tools® for pretty much the entirety of my mixing and/or deep editing work, and Logic as a creative/compositional/production tool,” he explains. “I’ve never worked straight digital before with my system…every mix I’ve ever done has been summed analogue and then into an analogue buss compressor (that entire path is SSL). However, one of the tests I’ve been running recently is to see if the new HDX setup with Titan can be patched into the same path. Considering how far advanced the conversion is, as well as the 32-bit floating point resolution of the current version of Pro Tools®, I have a lot of testing to do and right now I couldn’t be more thankful for patch bays. I’ve been using the same monitoring the entire time (Klein + Hummel O300d) so I have a well-established reference in the room for making decisions like this. Either way it’s going to be fun and I can’t wait to do more in depth work with the new setup.”

Krull is currently producing a record for a metal group called Thrown Into Exile who played Ozzfest in 2017 and are signed to Urban Yeti. He is also working on mixes for a Grammy-nominated rock/R&B/jazz/neo-hip hop group called Brokentoiz – a project he describes as ‘extremely good fun because I’m normally working on the heaviest music I can get my hands on’. In addition, he is also working on new solo music and any demo content that is requested from guitar gear manufacturers, for whom he is an endorsee.

One recent career highlight was the opportunity to work as an engineer on a secret project involving Robbie Williams, Guy Chambers and Chris Heath. “I can’t say too much about it, other than I spent about two weeks at Rob’s house in Beverly Hills and I was privileged to bear witness to some of the most inspiring and legendary talent I’ve ever had the opportunity to be in the same room with,” he says. “I am forever grateful I was called in to do it.”

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