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Landmark Venice, CA Restaurant The Rose Cafe Reopens with Amplification from Powersoft

Powersoft M Series Amplifiers Deliver Premium, Reliable Audio for 8,000 Sq. Ft. Venice-Based Restaurant

Venice, Calif., – January 26, 2016 –In November, beloved local restaurant The Rose Cafe reopened in Venice, California after an extensive renovation. The neighborhood classic — featuring 8,000 square feet of dining charm — was reimagined with the help of a new chef, restaurateur, and crew, taking care to maintain the original elements locals adore while bringing it into the modern era. With Head Chef Jason Neroni spearheading an updated menu, The Rose now offers everything from coffee and pastries to Italian-themed dishes live-fire cooked in a chic open warehouse environment. As part of the revitalization, the team knew they needed a top-tier sound system. Enlisting the help of Los Angeles-based Fyxx entertainment, The Rose went with a multi-zone system powered by Powersoft M Series amplifiers to ensure that the atmospheric music is delivered clearly and reliably throughout the bustling establishment—from breakfast through dinner and on into the night.

Fyxx Entertainment’s integrators Adrian De Pamphilis and Gabriel De Pamphilis, who have handled installations for numerous restaurants and other facilities in and around the LA metro area, realized that The Rose had specialized needs. “The place is open sixteen hours a day with constant background music, there is also live entertainment on the patio.” Adrian De Pamphilis says. They needed to assemble a system that could deliver reliable and clean audio all day long. They selected a package featuring two Powersoft M28Q amplifiers with 13 Eastern Acoustic Works SMS 2124 loudspeakers and five Martin SD 120 EP subwoofers. This was not the first time Fyxx’s team selected Powersoft M Series amplifiers for an installation. “They sound amazing and you can really hear the clarity compared to other amps,” Gabriel De Pamphilis says. “They’re reliable and deliver a lot of power — without a lot of power coming in,” he added.

The rack, which is located in the wine cellar, easily fits the two Powersoft M Series M28Q amplifiers. The amplifiers drive the audio for the entire restaurant and allow complete control of the five zone audio system, which includes separate zones for the dining room, hallways, bathroom, and patio.

The Rose is adored as much for its versatility as its menu, notes Gabriel De Pamphilis. “You can go there for an intimate meal, outdoor entertainment, party rentals, business conferences, you name it,”he says. Powersoft allows for the flexibility to cater to each customer and their needs. “Powersoft amplifiers will perform at the top of their class no matter what the source signal,” says Adrian De Pamphilis. “Silicon Beach rents the space sometimes and sets up some wireless mics in one of the zones for trainings and it sounds great.” Adrian De Pamphilis added.

The Powersoft sound system in The Rose Cafe works effortlessly and without interruption. “We never get service calls with Powersoft,” Adrian De Pamphilis says. “We did another place a few years back using Powersoft — that place has been open for five years, and we’ve never gotten a call. They perform great, and we just do not have breakdowns or performance issues,” Adrian De Pamphilis stressed. So far for The Rose Cafe, the M Series has been a huge asset to the bustling restaurant, and the staff is also pleased with its performance. “We are always explaining to our customers that every element of an audio system has to be of the highest caliber to achieve a great result. And put simply, Powersoft makes the best amplifiers,” Gabriel De Pamphilis states.

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