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LED Source Creates Custom LED Lighting Solution for Meizhou Dongpo‘s Inaugural U.S. Restaurant

Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant in Los Angeles

(Los Angeles)—LED lighting is turning ceilings and walls into expressive canvases of color, as LED SourceA®, the leading North American LED lighting solutions provider, proved in Century City for Meizhou Dongpo’s first

restaurant in the United States.

The restaurant opened in December, grabbing diners and decorators by their palettes with flavorful food and colorful décor provided by LED Source’s Los Angeles partner Rob Thompson.

“They were looking for somebody in the States; it was their first location and they wanted to do something quite different, it being their flagship store,” Thompson says.

Meizhou Dongpo officials had seen photos of Miami Tower, another LED Source project, but in Miami, Fla., and called him in March 2013, nine months before the restaurant opened in the Westfield Shopping Mall.

“They had an idea of what they wanted. They had something similar in China,” Thompson says, adding they sent him plans and he contacted the architect.

Meizhou Dongpo wanted to light up both interior and exterior walls, but also wanted 475 lit vases set in glass-lined cubby holes along interior walls, and to be able to control the colors for each cubby. From that, Thompson said it was a matter of figuring out which LED Source lighting products would work best.

“I’ve got a team of pros who’ve seen a lot of different scenarios,” he says. “It really came down to experience.”

That experience included

Gavin Cooper

– a

world-renown lighting designer who co-founded LED Source in 2005 with lighting industry veteran

Marcel Fairbairn

– and LED Source’s Applications Engineer

Lee Braddock

, both of whom came from the company’s home office in Wellington, Fla., to help design and build the lighting system.

Not only does LED Source’s “Red, Green, Blue” lighting system set Meizhou Dongpo apart from its neighboring establishments, it reduces energy and operating costs while providing better light quality and a comfortable atmosphere for franchisees and customers alike.

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About LED Source

Founded in 2005, LED Source is North America’s first and only franchisor of LED lighting. The company supplies LED products to a variety of spaces, and specializes in design, support, development, project management and financing through its Retrofit, Architectural and Entertainment divisions. LED Source began franchising in 2009 and has since opened 15 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company opened its first location in the Caribbean this year, with further growth planned on the islands over the next few years. LED Source expects to add 12-15 franchise locations in 2014 and long term goals plan for a network of 150 franchise offices throughout North America and the Caribbean within three years.

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