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Legendary Artists Meet LEWITT Microphones at Atlantic Records

With studio locations across America, Atlantic Records is home to legendary artists including Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, Otis Redding, The Rolling Stones, Genesis, Cher, Cream, Rush, Stevie Nicks, Phil Collins, and countless others. 

At Atlantic’s New York City studios, Ron Robinson, Director of Studio Operations maintains the studio’s tradition of artist development and recording excellence using a variety of carefully chosen equipment including LEWITT’s LCT 840 multi-pattern tube microphone and a matched pair of LCT 550 low-noise large-diaphragm microphones.

Robinson uses LEWITT’s LCT 840 on vocals, guitars, bass, and as a room mic or when tracking drums as a mono overhead. “In any given session,” he said, “the mic choice depends on the application and we’re constantly surprising people with the LCT 840, not only because of its warm, full sound, but also its design, with that tube that glows and looks just amazing.” Robinson continued, “The LCT 840 is a highly versatile microphone, too. We recently tried it on upright bass and it sounded incredible.”

LEWITT’s LCT 550, a large-diaphragm, low self-noise microphone, is another of Robinson’s favorites. “We’ve had a lot of success with our matched pair of LCT 550’s,” he said. “The LCT 550 is an incredibly quiet mic with a flat response that sounds very natural. So, it’s a quick no-brainer when you’re doing strings or piano, or when you’d like something to sound natural but detailed overall.”

Robinson says Atlantic continues to add new artists to its incredible “recorded music history” and he commented, “Many of these artists are discovering LEWITT mics for the first time, and they’re blown away!”


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