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A Legendary Console with a Rich History Begins a New Life at Japanski Studio in Athens, GA

— In a sale through GC Pro’s Used Gear sales division, Japanski Studio, a facility in Athens, Georgia, now hosts the 24-fader Neve Genesys console from Studio E at Capitol Studios, where iconic artists created a lasting legacy —

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA — Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users, recently helped a studio source the perfect console to be the centerpiece for the facility – a legacy 24-fader Neve Genesys console that previously resided at Studio E at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. When Matt Tamisin and his brother Abraham saw the opportunity to acquire a console that had been part of one of the classic palaces of sound, where legendary artists continue to make timeless recordings, they knew they had to have it for their Japanski Studio in Athens, Georgia. And have it they did, thanks to GC Pro’s robust used equipment sales division.

“I knew that if I didn’t get this one, I’d never get a Neve,” says Matt Tamisin, referring to the 24-fader Neve Genesys console. “It was a bit scary,” he continues, talking about what it’s like to buy the most central piece of equipment a studio can have long distance, by phone and Internet. “But I took the plunge because I’ve been buying from GC Pro for years and every experience has been a good one, including this.”

Tamisin cites GC Pro’s 30-day unconditional return policy, exceptional pricing power, access to a wide array of pre-owned classic equipment, and reliable customer support for why he didn’t have to think twice about this critical purchase. “I knew GC Pro would have me covered,” he says.

The Neve Genesys had been acquired by GC Pro’s Hollywood office, a result of its excellent relationships with the pro audio community in the entire Southern California region, including with Capitol Studios. “They were doing some ‘house cleaning,’ upgrading some of their rooms, which is something that we helped them with,” explains Brian Overton, GC Pro Account Manager. “We purchased several really nice pieces of equipment from them, including a pair of TL Audio mic pre’s. Once we had the console tested, checked out and up on our dedicated pre-owned equipment website, Matt saw it and knew that’s what he wanted. We were able to get it to him cost-effectively, and we’ll be there to back him up when he needs us.”

GC Pro’s Used Gear website has become a favorite hangout for equipment aficionados, with tons of great vintage and recent gear, all of which has been carefully vetted and tweaked when needed. “The Used Gear website is great because it lets smaller studios access equipment that puts them into a higher tier at prices they can afford,” says Overton. “Our used inventory is constantly being refreshed, and we’re always picky about what we decide to acquire, so buyers have lots of choices but also know that they’re getting the best stuff.”

Tamisin agrees — in fact, he’s chronicled the arrival and commissioning process of the new deck on a detailed blog. “GC Pro has taken good care of me,” he says. “And I love having a piece of history in my studio, and GC Pro made it happen. It may have been in Studio E at Capitol, but it’s our Studio A console now.”

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