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Lencore‘s Spectra i.Net® System Unveils Point Z™ Technology for Zoning Overlap


Lencore Acoustics Corp

., a manufacturer of commercial sound masking systems has upgraded its Spectra i.NetA® technology to include Point Z Technology which enables the system to provide even more flexibility and adjustment options by allowing unprecedented zone overlap capabilities for paging, music and sound masking.

In addition to the Spectra i.NetA® System’s capabilities for paging which includes all call page and 99 programmable zones, Point Z technology allows each of the four channels on the system’s sound source (known as the OP or Operating Platform) to be assigned and included in up to eleven separate paging zones – all call plus 10 client determined and programmed zones.

Each plenum OP creates four separate channels (A, B, C & D) that produce four independent noise sources for masking, paging and music. Each channel then supports 1-8 speakers. This amazing upgrade enables each OP to provide a total of 44 overlapping zones and insures that a quality, clear page can be customized and delivered to the client’s specific requirements. All existing Spectra i.NetA® Systems can be upgraded to have this feature.

Previous systems could provide two overlaps (all call and one programmable zone) per channel for paging. With the addition of Point Z technology, there are endless zoning permutations that can be programmed for paging, music, and masking. For example: clients can now program and set the system to have a paging zone for all open office areas throughout the entire building, plus further drill down and create a zone for all open office areas on only the odd floors, all open areas on only the even floors, and all open areas on odd and even floors on only the north side of the facility.

The ability to put multiple paging zones on an individual OP channel enables almost any variation of the paging for the space, and allows for true customization for the paging for the facility. In addition, masking and music zones can also be handled the same way with multiple zoning overlap.

“Most zoning capabilities for other systems are too limited, and only allow for very simple settings that compromise flexibility”? states Jonathan Leonard, VP of Lencore. He goes on to say “We felt that our clients and consultants deserved to have additional setting and programming options that our Point Z technology offers so they can truly customize the space for their unique needs while providing the best level of sound quality and control.”?

Whether your project is 10,000 square feet on one floor, 1,000,000 square feet over multiple floors, or a few million square feet over multiple buildings, clients are assured that the zoning capabilities of the Spectra i.NetA® System are the most technically advanced and provides the greatest customization.

At the center of the Spectra i.NetA® System’s paging capabilities is its award winning MPI (Music Page Interface). This device enables the system to create tremendous zoning options while the system’s user interface, called the Sound Manager, enables end users to make real time changes, adjustments and settings, on-site or remotely through secure password protected access.

Once the system’s initial installation is complete, the MPI board can generate a system sweep and make any needed adjustments for line loss ensuring a crystal clear page. All measurement values are saved in each OP. Therefore, even if the system loses power, the measurement values are saved in flash and are easily restored when new power is received. The sweep frequency range is from 20Hz to 20kHz and insures a complete broadband measurement and accurate adjustment.

The Spectra i.NetA® paging and music feature also has an associated one octave band equalizer/channel (10 bands) for complete control and intelligibility resolution and is managed after the sweep initialization is complete. The system does this for both music and page separate from the 1/3 band octave masking EQ.

The Lencore MPI provides the ability to use zones for paging using standard DTMF tones through a single POTS telephone line. The system can also be programmed for all call and emergency broadcast paging.

When the MPI is connected to the Spectra i.Net’s central control device (i.LONA®) programming can be set for up to 1.5 million square feet of space through a single device and connected to others for larger spaces or for multiple buildings. The creation, modification, addition and deletion of zones or groups for paging and masking can easily be controlled through a standard browser via the i.LONA® utilizing the included Lencore Sound Manager. In addition, volume and equalizer settings for paging and music can be programmed through the Sound Manager offering tremendous adjustment and control capabilities with unprecedented flexibility.

The Lencore Spectra i.NetA® System is an open platform system and meets ANSI 709.1 standards for open. It is also the only networked sound masking system that meets the U.S. Army Corp.’s Unified Facilities Guide Specification UFGS 25 10 10, “Utility Monitoring and Control Systems,”? and UFGS 23 09 23, “Direct Digital Controls for HVAC and Other Local Building Systems.”?

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to set up a demonstration of the Spectra i.NetA® System and to experience its features and capabilities.

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Lencore manufactures masking and paging systems including networked systems, in-plenum systems, direct fired systems, networked direct fired systems, centralized, decentralized, and remote sound masking systems. Lencore systems are UL listed for use in air-handling spaces and have been independently tested to meet ASTM standards for speech privacy. For more information on Lencore’s revolutionary networked sound masking system, Spectra i.NetA®, please contact Jodi Jacobs at



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