Level 3 Audiovisual Joins PSNI

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PSNI Global Alliance has welcomed another North American member—AZ-based integrator Level 3 Audiovisual.

PSNI Global Alliance members center around a common goal to "provide exceptional experiences to end-users through single-source partnerships in order to provide local solutions and global reach." In turn, PSNI says member companies benefit from the collective insights of the over 140 locations around the world, allowing for extended capabilities and opportunities through the network.

“Level 3 AV’s combined commitment and proven track record for excellence and technology standardization and professionalism is in direct alignment of the philosophy and approach of the PSNI Global Alliance,” said Chris Miller, executive director, PSNI Global Alliance. “We are thrilled to collaborate with their team to further enable the entire global network.”

"We felt that in order to sustain our growth and increase our capacity to serve our national and global customers, we needed to align with a best in class partnership with key integrators around the world," added Level 3 Audiovisual president Jeremy Elsesser. "PSNI has created a network of partners that fulfill that need perfectly. In addition, we are able to learn from some of the highest performing firms in our industry."

Acceptance of affiliate membership is conducted through a rigorous vetting process and is subject to approval by PSNI’s Global Board of Directors and its membership. Each member is peer-reviewed annually to ensure commitment of the organizations values and beliefs. 




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