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Leyard Video Walls Modernize La Salle des Emirats at the Palace of Nations, the United Nations Headquarters

Latest Leyard LED display technology provides main presentation platform in European UN headquarters, along with unique LED ceiling installation

Leyard, a global leader in visualization products, today announced that La Salle des Emirats at the Palace of Nations, the European headquarters of the United Nations (UN) located in Geneva, Switzerland, has installed the latest Leyard LED display technology as a central feature of daily delegate sessions and other meetings throughout the year. La Salle des Emirats, also known as Hall XVII, is using the Leyard® TVH Series, a fine-pitch LED video wall, as its main presentation platform. The wall-mounted video wall, which consists of 126 Leyard TVH Series 1.6 millimeter pixel pitch displays, showcases delegate presentation content, videos and other information in support of day-to-day United Nations business.

The facility has also built a first-of-its-kind hall ceiling installation using the Leyard® CarbonLight™ CLM Series, an innovative, see-through mesh LED display. In one of the most unique installations of LED displays today, the ceiling video wall combines 437 Leyard CarbonLight CLM Series LED displays to depict the sky above the United Arab Emirates in real time as it transforms from dawn to dusk each day from the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“We are extremely proud that Leyard’s LED display products were selected for this prestigious project,” says Jennifer Davis, chief marketing officer at Leyard. “Utilizing the state-of-the-art large presentation video wall, and enveloped by the realistic video ceiling, some of the most impactful global issues around economic growth and humanitarian causes will be discussed for years to come. It is another example of how Leyard’s market-leading visualization technologies have been chosen by the world’s leading institutions and companies.”

A Modern Day Link to Centuries-Old Culture
The video walls were installed as part of a recent renovation of La Salle des Emirats under the auspices of the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As the hall was renovated, the challenge was to blend cutting-edge technology—provided by the Leyard TVH Series and Leyard CarbonLight CLM Series—with the carefully crafted interior design reflective of centuries-old culture. The technology needed to respect the traditional culture and values of
the UAE and the manner in which the country’s delegates conduct business as European United Nations representatives. 

Speaking of the facility, Michael Moller, Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva said, “La Salle des Emirats combines functionality, cutting-edge technology and a design that merges innovation and cultural heritage.”

Crisp Image Quality Combined with Maximum Reliability

It was essential that the main video wall provide both advanced image quality and the highest level of operational reliability to support daily delegate sessions and many other meetings throughout the year. Using Leyard TVH Series 1.6 millimeter pixel pitch displays, the video wall delivers a crisp, high-contrast image with a pixel density of 33,488 per square foot (360,000 per square meter).

Moreover, the Leyard TVH Series is bezel-free, offering a seamless visual experience for all viewers in the hall. The Leyard TVH Series was designed for 24×7 operation and is equipped with redundant video and power options to ensure continuous operation and a typical lifetime of 50,000 hours.

A First-of-Its-Kind LED Ceiling Installation

The goal for the ceiling installation was a design that represents “the futuristic and avant-garde vision” that the UAE evokes as a country. The Leyard CarbonLight CLM Series was the preferred choice for its lightweight fiber construction, flexible design and high image quality.

The installation uses a metal structure, with the displays installed in four quadrants—alternating with white panels to maintain the ceiling’s sky feeling without overwhelming viewers. With a pixel pitch of 10.4 millimeters, the Leyard CarbonLight CLM Series makes the image of the sky appear realistic when viewed from the hall floor.

Each thin display weighs just 10.6 pounds (4.8 kilograms), making it an ideal solution for ceiling-mounted applications. The displays feature a high-strength carbon fiber casing in a modular design to accommodate the complex requirements of the installation. The Leyard CarbonLight CLM Series also incorporate easy-to-use bracketry, making it simple to remove or replace individual displays at any location without having to disassemble the overall layout.

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