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LG Introduces Dozens of LED Signage Models at InfoComm 2020

40-Plus Indoor and Outdoor Models, Announced During InfoComm Connected, Signal Expanded LG Commitment to Leadership in LED Signage Displays

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., June 16, 2020 – LG Business Solutions USA doubled down on its commitment to LED display technology with more than three dozen indoor and outdoor LED Signage models that are ideal for a diverse range of commercial applications including stores, restaurants, conference rooms, hotels, theaters, museums and more. The groundbreaking announcement was made during the InfoComm 2020 Connected virtual trade show taking place online June 16-18.

“LED Signage is the most impactful and cost-effective way for businesses and entities of all kinds to compellingly deliver messaging and content,” said Dan Smith, LG Business Solutions USA’s vice president of business development. “Just as LCD and plasma televisions changed the game in their day by providing a larger, brighter, better-looking canvas to display messaging and marketing content, LED Signage is transforming how commercial venues think about their digital messaging and design today.”

The 46 models, which span LG’s 10 different LED Signage categories, will all be available in 2020, with 19 models shipping now. Featuring pixel pitches of 0.9mm to 16mm, these LG LED Signage models deliver high brightness capabilities, excellent off-axis viewing quality, lower power and physical infrastructure requirements and 100,000 hour lifespans. These characteristics make LG’s LED Signage displays the optimal solutions for rooms with a lot of natural light, rooms where off-axis viewing is critical, projects that require 24/7 visibility and reliability and for clients that want to reduce energy usage.

According to Smith, LED Signage has many advantages over traditional display solutions, including excellent off-axis viewing, capability to achieve very high brightness, reduced power consumption, quiet operation, extended product lifespan and the ability to break out of the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio with custom displays built in virtually any size or shape.

“The future for LED Signage is now, and LG is leading the way,” Smith added. “As the pace of technological innovation increasingly approaches the pace of client needs, all signs point to a future where LED Signage displays, including mini- and micro-LED solutions, dominate the global digital display marketplace.”

For more information on specific models and availability, click here. For images, click here.

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