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Listen Technologies Showcases Listen Audio Guide System at ISE 2020

Self-guided tour solution makes it easy for tour operators to deliver compelling content and provide memorable visitor experiences

Self-guided tour solution makes it easy for tour operators to deliver compelling content and provide memorable visitor experiences

INTEGRATED SYSTEMS EUROPE –AMSTERDAM – February 5, 2020Listen Technologies, the leading provider of assistive listening systems for 22 years, is expanding its offering in the tour space with the Listen Audio Guide System, a self-guided tour solution that delivers a personalized and engaging visitor experience. Listen Technologies will demonstrate Listen Audio Guides at ISE 2020 (Booth 7-C192).

Listen Audio Guides are the result of Listen Technologies’ recent acquisition of AudioConexus and its GPS commentary products, audio guides and tour guide systems. Listen Audio Guides eliminate the challenges tour participants face when they do not speak the local language or struggle to hear clearly. Tour operators can customize audio content and upload it on the wireless devices that tourists carry in their hands or pockets. Users select their preferred language and listen through the unit’s built-in speaker or with headphones. Infrared technology in the unit triggers location-specific audio content to play at the right time and place so users hear relevant and engaging stories about the sights they visit. 

“We have heard our professional audio partners’ call for self-guided tour applications that can be used in multiple venues and destinations and are excited to offer Listen Audio Guides,” said Maile Keone, president of Listen Technologies. “With the Listen Audio Guide System, users can walk at their own pace and linger at sights that appeal to them as they listen to compelling stories. The result is a more personalized and meaningful experience that adds to their enjoyment.” 

The Listen Audio Guide System is Listen Technologies’ latest solution to help operators of museums, galleries and other attractions capture market share in the tours and activities segment of the travel market, which is expected to reach $183 billion this year. 

“Listen Technologies’ tour solutions make it easy and affordable for tour operators to provide engaging, accessible and educational audible tour narration that resonates with visitors,” said Jonathan Stanley, chief experience officer and president, Listen Technologies Canada. “That’s good for visitors and for points of interest  and entertainment venue operators looking to grow their audience base and earn positive visitor reviews.”

Listen Audio Guides are flexible and scalable to suit tour operator needs, whether they wish to start with one tour or 20. Tour operators can include up to 32 different languages or topics, and they can create stories to align with 950 points of interest. Ergonomically designed, push-button units are easy for visitors to use and feature a long-life power source so there is no need to change out units during the day. Units charge overnight in a convenient storage case.  

Additional features of the Listen Audio Guide System include:

  • Easy customization: Tour operators can add and remove audio files quickly with the included content management software;
  • High-quality audio: Users hear clear, intelligible sound and can adjust volume settings to their preference; and
  • Dual-headphone jacks: Parents and children or couples can listen simultaneously and share their tour experience.

The Listen Audio Guide System is available globally. To learn more and experience the product functionality, please visit Listen Technologies in Booth 7-C192 at ISE 2020.

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Venues and tour operators lose business when people struggle to hear and engage. Listen Technologies enriches lives by delivering audio directly to the individual so everyone can hear clearly and share in the same great experience. We help people listen and participate in environments where hearing is difficult, whether on a guided or self-guided tour, in a house of worship, a theme park, theater, or other venue. Our solutions provide technology and storytelling services that help venues and tour operators increase business. Our vision is to improve life’s experiences through sound by providing exceptional audio and content anytime, anywhere, on any platform. To learn more about how Listen Technologies provides a better way to hear the world, visit For more about our tour solutions, visit

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