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Listen Technologies Debuts New ListenTALK Systems at InfoComm 2019

Listen Technologies, a leading provider of assistive listening systems for 21 years, is showcasing its newest ListenTALK Systems and accessories at InfoComm 2019.

Innovative systems incorporate listen-only receivers; extend flexibility and affordability of the product

INFOCOMM – ORLANDO – June 10, 2019Listen Technologies, a leading provider of assistive listening systems for 21 years, is showcasing its newest ListenTALK Systems and accessories at InfoComm 2019. The new systems integrate the recently launched ListenTALK LKR-11 and LKR-12 listen-only receivers for portable assistive listening.

Listen Technologies’ award-winning ListenTALK features the ListenTALK LK-1, a wireless, pocket-sized transceiver (combined transmitter and receiver) that makes it easy for groups of two or more people to listen and talk with the push of a button. But not every situation requires two-way communication, so Listen Technologies recently introduced two new receiver products: The LKR-11 (Pro) and LKR-12 (Basic). The listen-only receivers extend the flexibility of the ListenTALK system. Users start with one ListenTALK LK-1 transceiver and add more transceivers or receivers as needed to suit their unique sound environment requirements and budgets.

Listen Technologies also has created three new ListenTALK Systems that integrate the LKR-11 and LKR-12 listen-only receivers for portable assistive listening:

  • LKS-5 (ListenTALK GO! System) – Configured with one leader unit and three listen-only receivers, this system is excellent for all portable applications, including assistive listening, small tours, simultaneous interpretation, portable assistive listening, or training.
  • LKS-6 (ListenTALK GR8 System) – Includes one leader unit (transceiver) and seven listen-only LKR-11 receivers with expanded functionality. The system is easy to set up using the software, charging case or Near Field Communication (NFC); ideal for all group applications, including portable assistive listening.
  • LKS-7 (ListenTALK R8 System) – Portable one-way communication system with one leader unit and seven LKR-12 receivers. The system is intended for a variety of group applications such as assistive listening, tours, training, simultaneous interpretation, and more.

“Listen Technologies is excited to bring the LKR-11 and LKR-12 receivers to InfoComm and debut the new ready to use, quick set-up LKS Systems to the AV industry’s biggest innovators and thought leaders,” said Russ Gentner, CEO, Listen Technologies.

In addition to demonstrating the listen-only receivers and new ListenTALK Systems at InfoComm, Listen Technologies will be showcasing these ListenTALK accessories:

  • Protective Case: Protects units from dings, drops and wear (note: does not cover the screen).
  • Line/Headset Mix Cable: Allows leader to add a secondary audio source such as prerecorded music or messages from an MP3 player or similar.
  • Smartphone Cable: Enables unit to be connected to smartphone to conference a third party.
  • Microphone Input / Headphone Output Cable: Allows the transmit and receive function to be split to connect to an external audio source.
  • AAA Battery Compartment: Can be used in place of rechargeable Li-ion battery.

“ListenTALK continues to delight users with its performance and flexibility,” said Doug Taylor, chief product officer, Listen Technologies. “ListenTALK can be used across industries, from manufacturing and education to houses of worship and hospitality, and there are different products, accessories and configurations to meet users’ unique communication needs and budgets.”

The LKR-11 and LKR-12 receivers are ideal for college tours, corporate tours, factory tours, assistive listening, educational applications and much more. The new ListenTALK Systems and accessories further extend ListenTALK’s versatility and enhance the user experience in all applications.

Product Application Examples

The University of Tampa purchased ListenTALK transceivers and receivers for its Admissions department to use on tours and saw return on investment on first use, noting that ListenTALK delivers clear sound and increases participant engagement. Specifically, ListenTALK enables tour participants to hear the tour guide clearly regardless of their distance from the guide or the presence of background noise. It also enables tour guides to walk and talk at a normal volume. Tour participants report that they are able to remain in the moment as the guide points out sights and shares information about the university.

Similarly, pet food manufacturer Blue Buffalo was able to configure a ListenTALK system that meets its need to provide VIP tours in a large, noisy factory environment. Rugged, ergonomically designed ListenTALK transceivers and industrial wrap-around headsets are easy to use and complement the hard hats and safety equipment tour participants wear. This augments their immersive experience and also enables them to hear clearly despite background noise from machines and equipment.

Visitors to Listen Technologies’ booth (6153) at InfoComm 2019 will be able to experience the different ListenTALK products, systems and accessories and learn more about user experiences and applications across different sound environments.

About Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies believes all people deserve to hear the world around them. The company’s assistive listening products equip users with the personalized solutions they need to listen and engage in environments where hearing is difficult, whether they are in a theme park, house of worship, tour group, theaters or other venue. Listen Technologies sets the standard for innovation as it develops products that minimize noise, distance, clashing conversations, hearing loss and other audio challenges. To learn more about how Listen Technologies provides a better way to hear the world, visit

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