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Mackie launches Thump GO Portable Battery-Powered Loudspeaker


Bothell, WA (August 17, 2021)—Mackie has introduced its new Thump GO Portable Battery-Powered Loudspeaker.

Acknowledging that its portability will take the speaker into situations where AC power isn’t always available, the Bluetooth-equipped Thump GO comes with a removable, rechargeable battery pack that allows for up to 12 hours of use on a single charge. A tri-color battery life indicator is also built-in to report battery capacity.

The loudspeaker includes a Class-D amplifier, custom high-output 8” woofer, and 1” compression driver. Advanced options available include four different application-specific voicing modes, Feedback Eliminator, Music Ducking, and an outdoor mode option for enhancing sound in open-air performances.

The unit weighs 17.6 pounds and is designed with a molded cabinet and feet that make it sturdy enough to act as a floor monitor if needed. When tilted on its side, Thump GO is designed to sit at a 45-degree angle, perfect for enhanced sound distribution. A standard-size pole mount is also built in for mounting on a subwoofer or speaker stand when needed.

The loudspeaker’s Bluetooth option allows users to stream music directly to the speaker, and Mackie’s Thump Connect 2 smartphone app allows users to remotely adjust EQ, Voicing Modes, channel levels and more.

Thump GO has a MAP of $399.00.

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