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Malvicino Designs Studio to Stage Productions With Sommer Cable

Michael Salvo Debuts New Recording and Performance Center

Pictured is the new Studio to Stage Music Productions in Englishtown, New Jersey.

IT engineer and educator Michael Salvo has completed his lifetime dream: Studio to Stage Music Productions. Located in rural New Jersey just 60 miles from Manhattan, Salvo’s concept includes comprehensive music instruction with an emphasis on public performance and professional recording. The Malvicino Design Group completed the facility, which incorporates special interconnectivity with Sommer Cable throughout. Learn more here:

“Our students range in age from six years old all the way up to 72 right now,” says founder Michael Salvo. “We can work with a student that has never played an instrument, never sang a note before, and guide them through the entire educational experience. From there they begin performing in an acoustically ideal rehearsal room. Our courses include composition, and we record the students’ work in a professional studio, providing them tracking with overdubs and final masters ready for distribution.”

Salvo worked closely on his concept with Horacio Malvicino, principal of the Malvicino Design Group (MDG), who states, “Michael’s idea was to create a different kind of school with very high-end music teachers. Michael found an ideal two-story structure and we took this place apart. We created six rooms for teaching music with large isolation booths. We also designed and built a complete recording studio. Each of the rooms is actually a room within a room with full acoustic treatment, panels and diffusers.”

All of the rooms at Studio to Stage Productions are interconnected with one another and the central control room via Dante digital networking, which distributes uncompressed, multi-channel digital audio through a standard Ethernet network, with near-zero latency and perfect synchronization. The Sommer cable used is the CAT.6 Superflex.

A view from the console into the main recording space.

“Our lesson rooms are all constructed for minimal bleeding between the rooms. For the room within a room construction, we used Kinetics Noise Control isolation materials, which provide a high STC rating for the proper isolation of all the rooms. We chose Solid State Logic for our main mixing console and we have everything connected throughout the entire facility with Sommer Cable.”

Pictured is Michael Salvo at the SSL console.

“We are using Sommer Cable’s Mistral Multicore,” explains Malvicino. “It’s amazing that this cable can actually run analog audio and digital audio, so when I’m wiring a facility like this, I don’t have to worry about using separate analog or digital cable runs. We’re also using Sommer patchbays, which the company developed especially for me. It’s a TT patchbay that we use on every console wire. The actual construction of the frame and the engineering of the patchbay was done by Peter Rieck at Sommer’s headquarters in Germany. We are also using Sommer’s Elephant cables for the speakers and tie lines between the audio control room and other rehearsal spaces. We’re using Sommer’s CAT.6 Ethernet cable for Dante networking for the control room, the studio, the rehearsal spaces and the practice rooms.”

Learn more about the Malvicino Design Group:

Learn more about Sommer’s Mistral cable:

Elephant speaker cable:

CAT.6 Superflex:

Free one-foot cable samples of the above are available upon request.

Malvicino Design Group is a design and consulting firm specializing in innovative architectural, acoustical, and technical systems design. With nearly two decades of experience in the corporate, broadcast, multimedia, entertainment, and consumer industries and markets, MDG has established industry trust with a solid reputation for creative yet practical designs, integrated with sound engineering and close interaction with clients. MDG’s foundation in architectural, acoustical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, as well as music, recording engineering, and studio business guarantees a uniquely custom approach to each project.

Sommer Cable Germany is an enterprising development and manufacturing company of innovative and unique cable, connector and electronic products for the Studio, A/V Installation, Live Sound, Broadcast, Video, Music, IT and HiFi markets, with business partners in over 50 countries. In 2015, Sommer Cable America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sommer Cable Germany, was established in Santa Rosa, CA by new CEO Martin Ucik. The new company supplies the North American markets with Sommer’s wide range of innovative and high quality products. 707.200.4020

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