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Martin Audio upgrades CDD Series, adds production capacity

Martin Audio has bulked out its CDD Installation Series with new additions and upgraded voicing.

New York, NY (December 18, 2020)—Martin Audio has bulked out its CDD Installation Series with new additions and upgraded voicing.

During the pandemic, Martin Audio has reportedly seen a number of small to medium installations, and answered that by increasing production capacity, while extending product lines to include transformer variants of the 8” and 10” models, as well as changing the voicing across the series for consistency across the series.

To increase production capacity, Martin Audio has improved sourcing of suppliers and changed the 12” and 15” from its normal UPM Formi cabinet construction to wooden cabinets. Dom Harter, Managing Director, explained, “The 12” and 15” models in particular have always seen capacity constraints so by moving to wooden enclosures, using innovative bended wood techniques, we have not only been able to retain the classic aesthetics of the CDD design and performance, but now have the capability to increase production by tenfold.”

Extension of the series includes new 8” and 10” versions, with 70V / 100V transformer options, as well as weatherized variants, enabling daisy chaining of loudspeakers for increased amplifier efficiency in larger installation projects. Harter added, “We have seen increased requests for additional transformer versions to complement the current 5” and 6” transformer models, as larger scale projects are all about efficiency of the installation.”

Martin Audio has also launched new DSP settings across the range, as well as new FIR-based presets for iKON amplifiers and DX4.0 controller. New voicing settings for CDD are available to download now, while wooden cabinet changes are available from January and the transformer additions to follow in February.

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