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Maxell Lecture Capture Collaboration Station Designed to Make Distance Learning Easy for Professors and Students

At the beginning of 2020, nearly 70% of the 1.5 million American educators had never taught online. Now five months into the year, many higher education institutions across the country have had to switch to online learning for all classes. Professors and administration members have had to quickly learn how to plan for online classes, stream or post lessons online and engage with students without valuable face-to-face time. Administrators are turning to multifunctional tools that allow users to upload interactive video content from remote locations like the Maxell Pro AV Lecture Capture Collaboration Station, MA-XL1. With these tools, instructors are able to bring some level of normalcy to remote learning.

“The switch to online learning was very sudden, and a lot of professors have had to find new ways to adjust their lesson plans to be able to work online,” says Mike Morin, Business Development Sales Manager, Maxell. “Many higher education institutions are looking for new equipment that will not only make the transition to online easy for professors but will also make it easy to offer more online classes in the future. We are seeing a big shift in the higher education industry as many institutions are looking to use this time to learn about how to expand their capabilities in the future.”

The Lecture Capture Collaboration System is designed to record, save, and stream content with a simple menu screen. Professors can simultaneously share up to three different inputs on the screen at the same time, which adds a lot of value for students. With simultaneous inputs, professors and administration can share a video of themselves, a computer presentation and another input, such as a document-camera, to help students learn and follow along as if they are there in-person.

The MA-XL1 allows presenters to easily record and publish lectures or save notes from interactive lessons so students can view content online at their convenience. While it doesn’t replace the valuable face-to-face time students get in classrooms, it does allow users to easily stream and upload lessons with ease– making it as close to a classroom setting as possible.

The MA-XL1 is built with 10 input terminals including HDMI, SDI, RGB and LAN ports compatible with third party equipment including computers, tablets, cameras, smartphones and document cameras, making it easy for instructors to find compatible equipment in their own homes. In addition, it supports TCP/IP, RS232C control commands, USB ports for external storage and HID mouse devices, Bluetooth speaker-microphones, mini-pin audio and phoenix audio in/out. Plus, the MA-XL1 includes 1 TB internal HDD capacity.

In these uncertain times, education tools like the new Maxell Lecture Capture Collaboration Station help instructors and students interact, engage and learn as they adjust to remote learning dynamics.

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