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Maxell Pro AV Provides House of Worship Facilities An Opportunity To Connect With The Community, Even From Thousands Of Miles Away

Maxell Pro AV recently released its Lecture Capture Collaboration Station, the MA-XL1, designed to help house of worship facilities of any size easily stream and upload services online for their congregation. The multifunctional collaboration system gives house of worship leaders the power to provide engaging and community building services in person or online.

The MA-XL1 is designed to record, save, and stream content with a simple menu screen. With ten different video sources and multiple audio inputs available, users have the ability to choose up to three to use simultaneously during the recording/streaming session giving house of worship leaders the opportunity to stream their video, guide the congregation with visual slides and connect to their phone or tablet to share music all at the same time. With features such as interactive content switching, instant playback and record-stream-upload capabilities, the MA-XL1 system is ideal for house of worship facilities during livestreams or in-person services where multiple AV sources are displayed on one screen.

“Leaders of faith communities across the country and world are changing the way they provide a sense of community for their congregations,” says Ray Soltys, Director of Sales, Maxell Corporation of America. “We know many people take comfort in their weekly religious services, and recently that has been disrupted in many ways. Online and livestreamed religious services are a perfect solution, and the MA-XL1 helps to provide viewers with a multi-dimensional experience similar to what they know and love about in-person services.”

Livestreaming, as well as uploading capabilities, allow for members of the community to be able to “attend” services at their convenience. Cross-country services and flexible schedules were unattainable before streaming, and now the MA-XL1 allows houses of worship facilities to be able to provide lasting content through streaming and uploading for their congregations no matter their time zone or busy schedule.

The MA-XL1 is built with 10 input terminals including HDMI, SDI, RGB and LAN ports compatible with third party equipment including computers, tablets, cameras and smartphones. In addition, it supports TCP/IP, RS232C control commands, USB ports for external storage and HID mouse devices, Bluetooth speaker-microphones, mini-pin audio and phoenix audio in/out. Plus, the MA-XL1 includes 1 TB internal HDD capacity.

The new MA-XL1 enhances the virtual worship service experience for both house of worship leaders and viewers, and makes people feel more connected and comforted in their homes during uncertain times.

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