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MAXHUB Announces Zoom Certification of its UC BM21 Product Group

Irvine, CA – September 2021… MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and interactive class delivery solutions, is pleased to announce that its UC BM21 Teleconferencing Speakerphone is now Zoom certified. This certification ensures potential customers that the product has gone through Zoom’s rigorous certification process, and both meets and exceeds their requirements.


With its 360-degree omnidirectional voice pickup capability, crystal clear audio quality, wireless charging, and 8-hour playtime, the MAXHUB UC BM21 Teleconferencing Speakerphone is the ideal teleconferencing tool designed to ensure that all meeting participants can hear—and be heard—clearly. At just under 5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches high, the MAXHUB UC BM21 looks right at home in any hi-tech environment where computers and displays are found. With the unit’s large dynamic speakers featuring intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation DSP functionality, users experience clear, natural sound regardless of their seating position at the table. Similarly, the incorporated 6-element PZM boundary microphone with its 16-foot pickup radius provides high-quality, 360-degree omnidirectional voice acquisition—making it the ideal microphone solution for personal use, or to be placed in the middle of the conference table for small to medium teleconference meetings.


Charles Montoya, Director of Sales and Marketing of UC Products for MAXHUB’s North American operations, commented on the Zoom certification for the UC BM21 product group, “Zoom certification signals to users that MAXHUB provides the high quality required to obtain the best performance from the Zoom application. It also means that MAXHUB will continue to partner and work with Zoom on our entire product line to launch additional products that continue to improve the quality of Zoom video calls. With quick and intuitive plug and play setup and operation, the UC BM21 is a teleconferencing tool that delivers maximum performance—ensuring that every meeting attendee gains maximum benefit from the teleconferencing experience.”


To learn more about the MAXHUB UC BM21 Teleconferencing Speakerphone, visit For pricing and availability, contact MAXHUB at (949) 270-5325.


About Zoom

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MAXHUB is a brand of CVTE Group and is a world-famous solution provider of LCD driver products. MAXHUB focuses on developing cutting-edge interaction technologies and designing smart applications that are optimized for use in education, hospitality, conferencing, digital signage, and similar environments. MAXHUB display technology can be found in leading venues the world over. For more information, visit MAXHUB at


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