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Medialon Show Control for the new ride of hit comic series “One Piece” at Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park in Japan

Huis Ten Bosch

is a

theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan

, which recreates a Dutch town. The spacious resort is suffused with a European atmosphere with its picturesque canals, iconic windmills, gardens and architecture.

Huis Ten Bosch houses various

amusements and rides

, including 3D technology theatres, a haunted house, a replica of the Domtoren (Dom Tower) of Utrech, a boat ride related to the hit comic series “One Piece” and a

new indoor ride based on “One Piece”

characters and story.

Tokyo-based TV & Event Lighting company,

Fuji Lighting Technology’s Designer Junichi Nakahara

and Kyushyu region-based

Tatsuya Ifuku from Stage Lighting company Kyushyu Stage

, selected

Medialon Show Control system

technology to be part of

“One Piece – For the new World”, the new indoor ride

at Huis Ten Bosch theme park.


show programming

was mainly made by Mr. Tatsuya Ifuku, and

Mileruntech Co Ltd.,

Medialon’s products distributor in Japan, helped for the show programming, and also trained the staff on

Medialon Control System


Mileruntech Co Ltd

. also designed a

user-friendly Graphical User Interface

for Huis Ten Bosch’s staff. The interface allows them to easily monitor the show remotely.

All the AV devices are controlled and synchronized thanks to one

Medialon Showmaster PRO embedded show controller

. The Showmaster PRO controls:

– 1x

Medialon MAS PRO

32 channels audio server

– 1x


/BLU -800

– 3x


/BLU 160

– 3x


Projectors PTD-6000

– 1x



– 17x Media Players

– 2x DMX Recorder

– the ride lighting and shooting system control

– the rack power control


Medialon MAS PRO 32 CobraNet channels audio server

controls the audio tracks and effects.

“Mr. Junichi Nakahara and Mr. Tatsuya Ifuku felt that using Medialon was highly valued for real-time programming.”, declares

Usami Kouichi

, General Manager at Mileruntech Co. Ltd.

“They appreciated the fact they could use

Showmaster Editor Software

from anywhere in the attraction’s building, by using the Wifi and a laptop. It allowed them to make changes in their program and to test them in real time.”, adds Usami Kouichi.

Medialon’s ability to control a wide variety of products

using Low Level Communicator (that allow to control any devices of your choice by easily creating your own serial, TCP/IP or Midi driver), even for non-standard brand of media players installed on the ride, was really reassuring for both programmers and designers’ of One Piece attraction.” , concludes Usami Kouichi.

“One Piece – For the New World” attraction ride was inaugurated in July 2012.

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