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Medical Campus Goes Lite

All-in-One Lectern improves training results

The Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is a well-established healthcare institution providing services to over 4.2 million customers, has recently joined Tecom customers list. As part of its operations, the HMO runs a modern educational campus where administrators, nurses, doctors and others are being trained on a daily basis.

The AV team at HMO Campus decided to equip all of their training classrooms with TecPodium Lite All-In-One lecterns. The Lite lectern provides an easy to use solution for training and has great looks!

The presenter can control directly from the lectern all the multimedia and AV devices in the room including the projectors, projection screens, sound system and more.
The pre-wired, fully integrated, All-in-One LITE lectern supports a stylish and sleek design and is easy and fast to install. The interactive pen display allows trainers to annotate directly on their materials in class, making it an ideal tool for classrooms, boardrooms and training facilities.

After the successful installation of the Lite Lecterns, trainers feedback shows that their work became “more effective, easy, smooth and without any technical difficulties allowing better results”.
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