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Metric Halo HaloVerb Plug-In $25 Flash Sale Ends Tuesday September 27th – BUY NOW!

SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 2016: Metric Halo is excited to announce that its HaloVerb plug-in, normally a $179 value, is on flash sale for JUST $25. Metric Halo is renowned for building plug-ins – like its legendary ChannelStrip – that have an authentic, musical sound that preserves the organic integrity and liveliness of the signals that they touch! And now, for the cost of leaving your car in a parking garage for a day (a very unexciting way to part with $25 BTW), your mixes and/or performances can tap into a dimensional universe that encompasses tiny rooms …to huge halls …to springs (and other contrivances) …and, yes, even to parking garages! With intuitively adjustable pre-reverb filters, size, damping, diffusion, and stereo width, it’s easy to find sounds that both inspire and cohere.

But HaloVerb’s amazing $25 flash sale price ends TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 27th! At the pace that time’s moving these days, you had better act now… before you know it, that day’s going to be in the past!

With a host of great features and multiple-platform compatibility, HaloVerb is ready to give your mixes the authentic space they deserve! For just pennies a feature, you get:

       • Low- and high-frequency pre-filters with graphic display
       • Reverb impulse display to show the shape of the reverb
       • Reverb times of up to seven seconds
       • Stereo width control
       • Adjustable UI size
       • Supports all AU, VST & AAX (DSP+Native) Hosts on Mac and Windows
       • Supports AAX DSP – one of the only AAX|DSP reverbs available
       • MH Preset Manager – Provides cross-platform presets

Based on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Metric Halo provides the world with award-winning software and hardware recording, processing, metering and analysis solutions.

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