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Mexico’s Jukebox Covers a Wide Range of Events with Martin Audio

Mexico City’s Jukebox recently acquired a Martin Audio WPM system and SXH218 subs to cover a variety of events.

Located in Mexico City, Jukebox recently acquired a Martin Audio WPM line array system and SXH218 subs to cover a wide variety of events.

Describing his company, Director General Rodrigo Casas Padilla explains, “Jukebox was founded in 1992 and we do live productions, corporate and government events, fashion shows, festivals, conventions and weddings.

“Some of the events we cover include the Business Coordinating Council, World Sterilization Congress, Zitro Experience Gaming Convention, the Harry Wright Golf Tournament, Zurich Christmas Party, GIA Talks Forum and PCO meetings anniversary which take place in very different types of venues.

“To maximize the sound quality and coverage for these events, we have upgraded our inventory with the purchase of 16 Martin Audio WPM and eight SXH218 subwoofers along with iK42 and iK81 power amps. In terms of the WPM, we use one-box resolution for maximum results in terms of exceptional audio and smooth even coverage throughout the space.”

Asked about Martin Audio, Rodrigo replies, “as a company, we believe the commitment we made to WPM was an intelligent and long-term investment, since it is an extremely versatile system, with features that are absolutely focused on our market that can be expanded in the future. In addition to the excellent sound quality and coverage, WPM’s compact size is an asset for each of the challenges we face with different events.”

Summing up, Rodrigo concludes: “The versatility of WPM has allowed us to easily achieve different scenarios within our client base, from social to government events that have specific audio requirements. In terms of reliability, we rely on the integral architecture of the system since it always exceeds expectations for power and output. We are very happy with the decision we made in choosing WPM and the effective support that Martin Audio has provided.”

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