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Monroe Electronics and Layered Solutions Join Forces for Broader-Reaching Emergency Messaging

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y. — Aug. 30, 2017 —

 Monroe Electronics and its Digital Alert Systems subsidiary, the global leaders in emergency communications solutions for video services providers, today announced a technology partnership with emergency management solutions provider Layered Solutions Inc. Layered Solutions supports education, healthcare, commercial, industrial, and government facilities in their emergency and mass-notification communications through its unique software and mobile application platform, which integrates with an organization’s existing digital and LED signage, fire systems, public address systems, physical security systems, and social media. 

In this partnership, Digital Alert Systems and Layered Solutions are working together to bring external Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages to what are traditionally closed-communication environments. The joint solution bridges the gap between a facility’s internal emergency communications and events that are happening outside the facility, thereby ensuring a seamless flow of information for faster, more appropriate response in an emergency.

“Integrating our software solution with Digital Alert Systems’ Emergency Alert System messaging provides end users with the ability to integrate important information like tornado warnings into closed-communication environments, which is imperative to the well-being of employees, customers, patients, or students,” said Jerry Geis, president and founder of Layered Solutions. “And, for ease of use in any facility, the messaging is pre-programmed and can be controlled from a PC or even through a mobile app.”

The joint solution combines Layered Solutions’ Mass Notification Emergency Messaging (MNEC) systems and technology with Monroe’s One-Net(TM) and Digital Alert Systems’ DASDEC(TM) emergency messaging platforms, enabling EAS message playout in closed environments that wouldn’t otherwise receive EAS warnings. As such, Monroe Electronics and Layered Solutions have created a link between the hyperlocal alerting within a campus, hospital, or other facility and the outside world. For example, a closed-campus alerting system ordinarily would know nothing about a pending tornado or gas leak unless notified directly, but with the combined Monroe/Layered Solutions product, that same closed campus would immediately be made aware of the outside threat as a matter of course and could automatically alert everyone on campus through the usual internal communication channels.

“There are thousands of U.S. facilities that are neither broadcasters nor CATV sites, and yet would benefit greatly from Emergency Alert System notifications,” said Bill Robertson, vice president of business development for Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems. “By joining forces with Layered Solutions, we’re giving these traditionally closed organizations access to critical EAS messages and an easy way to insert the warnings into their usual message delivery workflows. When companies have a broader scope of alerting information and better capacity to alert those who will be impacted by an emergency, they can be more confident that people inside the walls of the facility or campus will be able to react appropriately to what’s going on outside. This is another example of how world-class mass notification companies have been partnering with Monroe Electronics to leverage our company’s products and experience in public warning and video emergency communications.”

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About Layered Solutions Inc.

Layered Solutions integrates emergency and mass notification communications technology with existing platforms — including digital and LED signage, fire and security systems, and social media for clients in education, healthcare, industrial, commercial, and government sectors. Layered Solutions delivers information to multiple recipients simultaneously, enabling faster response times, safer environments, and even life-saving results. Layered Solutions is a national emergency management solutions provider headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.

About Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems

Monroe Electronics began operations in 1954 designing and manufacturing specialized electrostatic discharge (ESD) instrumentation that continues today. From its headquarters in Lyndonville, New York, the company provides R&D, manufacturing, sales, and customer service for all Monroe Electronics, One-Net(TM), and Digital Alert Systems brands. Monroe Electronics’ Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) are the widely accepted standard for CATV with a hard-earned reputation for quality, reliability, and service to valued customers around the world. In October 2009, Digital Alert Systems, the leading innovator of next-generation Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and EAS, merged with Monroe Electronics to further extend its product offerings to radio and television broadcasters and better serve their collective customers into the future.

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