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Multi-Purpose Spaces Reinvented with TecPodium!

All-in-One Presentation Solutions - Out of the Box

<p>The concept of a multi-purpose spaces, as you know it, is changing. A couple of recent TecPodium installations that completely transformed the use of these spaces were a School Library and an Art School main theater hall. In the School library, the height adjustable TecPodium Presenter and an interactive pen display (writing tablet) for direct annotation on the fly, were selected and the space was redesigned to serve as an interactive classroom and collaboration space. The Art School theater hall was equipped with the stylish TecPodium Lite. Sporting a sleek design, custom overall black paint and two wheels allow the easy transformation from an acting stage to a multi-purpose lecture hall and school gatherings. Whether you’re a University or College, bank or corporation, government or a hospital – Tecom can help you transform your spaces into interactive learning environments!</p>

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