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UK-Based Screen Excellence Grows Audio Excellence Brand in US, Appoints First Reps

Attention Home Theater Designers! The Audio Excellence system delivers more pronounced and thunderous bass and extremely accurate dialogue - taking movies, music and video games to another level!

Rendlesham-Suffolk, England – March 21, 2018 – Selling in many markets around the world since its 2016 launch, Audio Excellence made its North American debut at the 2017 CEDIA Expo. Garnering critical acclaim, the line has begun to take root amongst high-end home theater designers in the US. The brand is developing a national sales network, today announcing the appointment of its first independent sales reps in the US, with opportunities for representation in other territories.

Designed by CEO Patrice Congard (also CEO of Screen Excellence), the Audio Excellence system is comprised of custom-made speakers, multi-channel amps and DSP control – often used in conjunction with an acoustically transparent film screen. The system follows Patrice’s patented approach to layout logic and signal routing known as the ‘Congard Code’. This, in part, frees the main LCRs of everything below 100 Hz, which is directed to strategically-placed bass extension units, and dedicated LFE signal-only subs. The net-result is a home theater experience that yields the type of superior dialogue intelligibility and bass management witnessed only in professional and commercial cinemas. On average MSRP of the Audio Excellence systems range from $30,000 to $60,000 (US) based on size and surround configuration.

Metro New York integration firm S.E.A.L. Solutions serves VIP clientele including athletes and Hollywood actors. “Whether we get called to design a theater from the ground-up or simply upgrade to 3D audio, the heightened realism of the Audio Excellence system is hugely exciting to our customers. The added bonus is that this helps me further differentiate S.E.A.L. from others,” says S.E.A.L. principal Chris Wyllie.

To best support dealers, Audio Excellence has appointed its first independent sales rep firms, well-versed in the benefits of building home theaters around acoustically-transparent film screens. They are:

· The Dan Drook Group, Dan Drook: Covering Ohio, W. Virginia, W. Pennsylvania and Indiana and Kentucky. Email: [email protected] / Phone: 574.527.7587.

· Accent Marketing Associates, Wayne Brown: Covering Illinois and Wisconsin. Email: [email protected] / 630.515.1141.

· BrandReps USA, Howard Borsa: Covering Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Email: [email protected] / Phone: 770.286.0089.

· Pacific Rim NW Marketing, Dee Farr and Mark Giovannetti: Covering Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and N. Idaho. Dee Farr Email: [email protected] / Phone: 425.503.8720. Mark Giovannetti Email: [email protected] / Phone: 206.334.2155.

· Current Marketing, Paul Epstein: Covering Arizona, New Mexico, Clark County Nevada and El Paso Texas. Email: [email protected] / Phone: 480.922.0200.

· Open Territories: Opportunities exist for representation in other areas of North America. Public relations & marketing firm Muto Communications is managing the business development. Contact Paul Muto at [email protected] / 631.849.4301.

About Audio Excellence

In 2015, with an established heritage of quality and unrivaled performance in the acoustically transparent film screen arena, Screen Excellence CEO Patrice Congard set out to design an extensive line of audio products that fully embodied his expertise and philosophy of audio technology. In 2016, Audio Excellence was launched, encompassing loudspeakers, amplifiers and DSP controllers which succeed in providing the ultimate Home Theater listening experience. For more on Audio Excellence visit: / Twitter @audioExcell /

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