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NanoLumens Introduces “NanoLumens Advantage” to Help Businesses Affordably Achieve Their Customer Engagement Goals

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Empowering businesses in every vertical market to more affordably achieve all of their customer engagement goals, NanoLumens (, an industry leading manufacturer and marketer of visualization solutions, today announced the introduction of NanoLumens Advantage —a streamlined approach to digital display acquisition and maintenance.

“Businesses of every size and type have discovered the impact that NanoLumens LED visualization solutions can have on their businesses,” explained NanoLumens Vice President of Strategic Growth Nate Remmes. “Our visually stunning displays can be customized to any environment, in a variety of shapes and curvatures.  Their light, thin nature makes them easy to install in a range of spaces.  In addition, their advanced technology uses less energy than comparable display types while lasting longer than any other currently available display technology.”

NanoLumens Advantage is the next-generation lease financing program that makes it possible for a business to finance an entire digital strategy on a monthly basis rather than making the purchase outright — while enabling customers to easily add upgrades and additional assets to an existing contract.  In fact, the NanoLumens Advantage best-in-class program is designed to help businesses gain a competitive sales advantage with the latest technology, protect against obsolescence, secure budget approval with ease, better spend working capital for strategic investments, simplify asset management, ensure predictable budgeting, preserve credit limits, and realize tax advantages, while simplifying all of the many benefits into a one-stop solution.

Also, according to Remmes, NanoLumens displays have become an extremely effective digital media choice for many types of businesses looking to engage and influence their audiences in a more compelling way. “With the introduction of NanoLumens Advantage, businesses can now see an even greater return on their investment while limiting their upfront capital equipment costs.”

“Business owners are turning to NanoLumens for visualization solutions that meet a full range of uses, from displaying advertising and promotions to creating fully immersive customer experiences,” Remmes emphasized today. “Now, thanks to the NanoLumens Advantage program, businesses can enjoy all of the benefits of NanoLumens displays without an upfront capital expense.” 

About NanoLumens
NanoLumens, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, provides display visualization solutions that deliver truly immersive customer experiences and great return on investment. We offer unique solutions to problems that haven’t been thought of yet. Our brilliant displays, designed and assembled in the USA, are so thin, lightweight and curvable, they fit almost anywhere. With quality backed by an industry leading, Six Year Zero Failure Warranty, NanoLumens is your collaboration partner for visualization solutions that live up to your imagination. For more information, visit

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