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NEP Equips Gillette Stadium With Advanced Riedel Intercom and ST 2110 Audio Monitoring Solution

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Photo Caption: NEP equips Gillette Stadium with Riedel intercom and audio monitoring solutions.

WUPPERTAL, Germany April 16, 2023 — Riedel Communications today announced that Kraft Sports + Entertainment is working with NEP Integrated Solutions, a business of NEP Group, to deploy a comprehensive intercom solution built on Riedel’s Artist, Bolero, and SmartPanel systems, including the Audio Monitoring App (AMA), to enable reliable, flexible communications across Gillette Stadium, home of the NFL’s New England Patriots and Major League Soccer’s New England Revolution. The Riedel intercom solution is being installed by NEP as part of a new broadcast control room that will drive all of the digital assets in the stadium, including those delivered to a new 22,000-square-foot, 1080p video board, which will be the largest high-definition video board in an outdoor stadium in the United States.

“Everything about this project is geared toward using best-of-breed technology to bring Patriots and Revolution fans here at Gillette Stadium the highest quality experience,” said Jason Stone, Vice President of Stadium and Site Operations for Kraft Sports + Entertainment. “With respect to intercom communications, the upgrade to Riedel’s Artist and Bolero systems will enable us to manage the unique RF requirements for NFL stadiums and to ensure coverage not just across the bowl, but across the Enel plaza and the new expansion. With robust communications across every part of the stadium, we’ll be equipped to support game-day productions and the many other live events hosted at the stadium. We are also pleased to work with a company based in the New England Patriots’ International Home Market Area of Germany as the team continues to expand in the region.”

The Riedel installation at Gillette Stadium will include an Artist-1024 node and a Bolero wireless intercom system with 25 beltpacks supported by 35 antennas, as well as 32 Riedel RSP-1216 SmartPanels with Hybrid Lever Keys and equipped with the AMA for monitoring up to 16 streams and 256 sources per panel. The Riedel intercom solution is unique in its ability to address the NFL’s requirements for efficient use of the DECT spectrum in NFL stadiums while not interfering with NFL referees, who also use DECT communications. The Bolero high-clarity voice codec provides both higher speech intelligibility and more efficient use of RF spectrum, supporting twice the number of beltpacks per antenna for the same radio bandwidth as other DECT-based systems. In addition, the AMA enables the panel of an RSP to be split into two functioning applications, providing audio monitoring at each console while reducing required rack space and management of disparate devices.

“Riedel’s Bolero and Artist intercom systems proved to be the most efficient, high-quality audio solution we could find. The Bolero’s use of the DECT spectrum topped all other solutions in the way it manages time slots and the spectrum,” said Joseph Wire, Vice President, Managed Services and Business Development, NEP Integrated Solutions. ”The Audio Monitoring App added efficiency by allowing us to use one piece of equipment to satisfy two use cases, audio monitoring and intercom, simultaneously in one panel.”

Due to the Artist-1024’s software-defined, high-density universal interface card’s (UIC’s) ability to switch between SMPTE ST 2110-30/31 (AES67), MADI, or Dante (available soon), the Riedel intercom solution will integrate seamlessly with the new SMPTE ST 2110 (IP-based) infrastructure being put in place by NEP to streamline signal flows, reduce cabling, and improve overall efficiency.

“It’s always exciting to be a part of high-profile projects that include ‘firsts’ for the industry, and this monumental upgrade at Gillette Stadium is no exception,” said Dave Caulwell, Regional Sales Director, East. “This deployment is also a perfect showcase for Bolero’s unique capabilities in dealing with challenging RF environments and the advantages to be gained by adding the AMA. We’re incredibly proud to have delivered a robust solution on an ambitious timeline.”

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