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New Beaver Dam Amphitheater Chooses dB Technologies

(Edison, New Jersey) Beaver Dam, Kentucky is the home of a small progressive community that was founded over 124 years ago. It was formed by a Baptist congregation who started this town by a dam on Beaver Creek. While the small town may have had a slow beginning, over the past few years Beaver Dam has acquired six manufacturing plants, shopping centers, updated their downtown storefronts and added new residential areas. To meet the contemporary model the town has developed, the newest addition is the Beaver Dam Amphitheater.

A grand opening concert was held October 4 with country stars Joe Diffie and Lonestar.

The dual-tier design of the outdoor amphitheater seating allows accommodating concerts up to 1,200 with lawn chairs for most community events, with the ability to expand to 5,000 with the bowled grass second tier berm.

To meet the dual purpose nature of the facility, Bowling Green, Kentucky-based Musician’s Pro owner Sean Thomas met with the facility designers Clements and Associates Architecture to assist in the venue plans.

“At first, I met with the architect and discussed the multi-function purpose of the amphitheater,” says Thomas. “And we became involved not only with the design of the sound system, but in integrating all the logistics of lighting, power, rigging and systems control.”

The ultimate design resulted in a partnership with Musician’s Pro. “We designed a system that is self-contained for 90% of the events covering the ground level seating area,” comments Thomas. “That system features 16 dB Technologies DVA-T4 line array modules coupled with six DVA-S30N double 18” subwoofers.” Six dB Technologies DVX DM15 are used for stage monitors.

For the larger shows, Musician’s Pro can supplement the venue system with their additional equipment which includes 12 dB Technologies DVA-T12, eight DVA-T8 and four more DVA-S30N subwoofers.

“We had to work within the facility’s budget and the systemized approach of the dB Technologies DVA Series allowed us to meet those needs,” indicates Thomas. “And they absolutely loved the fact that their system was completely compatible with our rig.”

Utilizing the dB Technologies DVA Composer software, “we were able to get better design performance, tighter splay, increased low frequency response and even SPL distribution.”

Thomas explains his choice of the dB Technologies products. “A few years back I decided to downsize my system to find some gear that was newer, smaller, powered and better. That’s when I called dB Technologies, understanding they had a lightweight, active solution.” Since first acquiring a system for the Musician’s Pro rental division, “our business has doubled, nearly tripled from what we used to do,” says Thomas.

The amphitheater will be used for concerts, plays, symphonies and other events on a regular basis with larger shows scheduled throughout the year.

“When we were looking at this, there had been no new revenue generated in Beaver Dam in 10 years,” Mayor Paul Sandefur said. “We are limited on how we can bring in revenue. We do have the insurance premium tax, and we have property taxes. If we raised those taxes, it was going to affect not only the citizens but the businesses in the community. … We’re trying to be pro-business, and the last thing we wanted to do was hit the citizens and the businesses.” The funding for the facility is provided through a city restaurant tax, which is projected to generate $450,000 per year in revenue.

With Beaver Dam being located approximately 100 miles north of Nashville, 100 miles southwest of Louisville and some 80 miles south of Evansville, the community is situated to have the ability to draw from a larger regional area, as well as provide talent a tour routing stop through the heartland of America.

Sounds like a win-win for all involved.

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