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New Carl Tatz Edition™ Argosy Workstations Now Available Online

Nashville, TN: The Carl Tatz Edition™ Argosy Dual 15-800 line of workstations is now available at Shop.CarlTatzDesign.Com.

Argosy Console’s Dual 15 Workstations with the 800 rack modules have long been the first choice for Carl Tatz as part of the control room centerpiece and as a key element when installing his proprietary PhantomFocus™ System. Their minimum reflection architecture, and hence superior acoustic performance, renders unusually accurate monitoring

The new Carl Tatz Edition™ line of workstations by Argosy feature a low-profile design and integrated racks, bringing order and alignment to the studio’s equipment and controls. Beautiful, unique and fully functional, these workstations are handsomely finished in rich mahogany. They are available in four different models. Visit Shop.CarlTatzDesign.Com for model details, pricing and purchasing.

Photo Caption 1: Carl Tatz Edition™ Argosy Dual 15 800-B-CTE Workstation

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