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New Dynaudio Subwoofers Bring High-End Low-End Options to Home Cinema and Stereo Installations

GLENVIEW, Ill. — Sept. 6, 2017 —

 Renowned high-end loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio today introduced two new subwoofers that deliver outstanding performance from compact enclosures optimized for home cinema environments. The new Sub 3 and Sub 6 subwoofers will make their debut at the Dynaudio booth (2700) at CEDIA 2017, Sept. 5-9 in San Diego.

“Dynaudio has built a stellar reputation over the last 40 years developing high-performance loudspeaker designs featuring advanced driver technology and an incredible level of refinement,” said Andrew Werdean, CEO, North and South America for Dynaudio. “With the new Sub 3 and Sub 6, our engineers have brought the same extreme level of technical innovation optimized for the subwoofer category.”

Sub 3 Subwoofer

The compact 300W Sub 3 is designed to deliver size-defying weight, authority, punch and power for those critical thunderous movie moments while remaining supple, precise and musical enough to bring something extra to stereo music on the hi-fi. Its components and construction, built to the level of Dynaudio’s Contour series loudspeakers, along with a double-thickness front baffle and brand-new 24cm driver, make it the ideal companion subwoofer for any stereo or multichannel system. It can connect to any AV receiver or stereo preamp, and its satellite speakers’ crossover point can be fine-tuned to ensure seamless integration with other equipment.

Available in a black or white satin finish, the new Sub 3 matches the small size of its predecessor, the Sub 250, and the exceptional acoustic performance of the higher-performing Dynaudio Sub 600 at a price point nicely situated between the two. The new subwoofer boasts an amplifier module derived from the Sub 600, plus an array of features optimal for both home cinema and stereo setups. When more than one Sub 3 is installed, they can be daisy-chained so that the first subwoofer controls the volume on all other connected units. A defeatable highpass filter on the SAT output allows the installer to run a stereo signal into the sub, cut the lower frequencies in the subwoofer, and pass the signal on to the main channels.

Sub 6 Subwoofer

The Sub 6 is an advanced DSP-controlled dual-woofer subwoofer that delivers powerful performance in a small package. The intelligent DSP allows several types of adjustments to match the subwoofer to the rest of the system, including the ability to precisely time align the speakers with the subwoofer, as well as select from a subset of built-in crossover filters to perfectly match specific Dynaudio loudspeaker models. This makes the Sub 6 more than simply an added subwoofer; it allows the speakers and subwoofer(s) to blend together as a full-range system.

The Sub 6 is powered by a 500 watt Hypex Ncore amplifier module, which combines high output power combined with very low distortion and noise to deliver not only extraordinary output, but also keep up with the pace and rhythm of the main speakers.

The highly advanced DSP module is controlled by a rotary commander and corresponding LCD screen on the back of the subwoofer, allowing several means of adjusting the subwoofer to match the main speakers.

The Sub 6 is equipped with a subset of built-in crossover filter presets that are tuned with custom performance maps to match specific Dynaudio loudspeaker models (Contour, Confidence, Evidence, Special Forty, Special Twenty-Five). This allows the Sub 6 to become part of a full-range speaker system, meticulously tuned by Dynaudio’s experienced acoustic engineers. The user simply needs to select the particular speaker model in the subwoofer menu. Future Dynaudio speakers will be added in firmware updates. For other applications, including use with non-Dynaudio speakers, crossover frequency, gain and phase can be adjusted in the Sub 6 setup menu.

To further tailor its performance, the Sub 6 can set a time-delay to ensure that it and its companion speakers are performing perfectly in sync with one another. All a user needs to do is enter the distance from the sub to the speakers and the Sub 6 will adjust itself automatically using both time and phase delays. There is also a fully parametric EQ, including three filters, to counter the effects of room modes and ensure the best possible performance.

The Sub 6 utilizes a new breed of Dynaudio drivers specifically designed for subwoofer duties: MSP+ Hybrid Drive. This 24cm driver combines the virtues of Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) with additional stiffness. At the core of the MSP+ Hybrid Drive woofer is an aluminum cone, providing the rigidity required for high output at very low frequencies. This design uses a paper-damped aluminum diaphragm to reduce the high-frequency ringing normally associated with metal cones. It is then further damped via a finely tuned MSP dampening cap, effectively eliminating unwanted resonances in the cone.

The Sub 6 features a highly rigid cabinet, with the two MSP+ Hybrid drivers mounted in a push-pull configuration, to eliminate vibrations of the cabinet and reduce coloration and distortion. The design of the cabinet, available in either satin white or satin black lacquer finishes, allows the Sub 6 to be placed unobtrusively against the wall, taking up very little space in the room.

The Dynaudio Sub 3 and Sub 6 will begin shipping during the 4th quarter of 2017. Retail prices are $1,799 on the Sub 3 and $2,799 on the Sub 6.

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