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New installation of TecPodium I – smart AV lecterns and AV equipment has been successfully completed by Tecom

Tecom has completed another successful installation and delivered smart AV lecterns – TecPodium I and AV high-quality equipment – for the college auditoriums, after the AV team chose Tecom advanced AV solutions.

TecPodium I - smart AV lecterns by Tecom Electronics
TecPodium I – smart AV lecterns by Tecom Electronics

The TecPodium I is a compact, modern and easy-to-use AV lectern which controls on all the AV equipment that installed also by Tecom in the auditorium: PTZ cameras, lecture capture, electrical screens, projectors and sound systems for the convenience of students and lectures for distance learning also.

TecPodium I  - AV lectern
TecPodium I – AV lectern

Now, users report on complete satisfaction from the advanced and easy-to-use AV solutions with zero glitches.

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